Obama is spying on Americans

48 Alarming Facts That Tell Us America Has Become a Gigantic Prison: Facts 12 to 22

Writer Ben Hart details 11 more of the 48 facts about how the U.S. government now tracks, monitors, records, and stores information about your activities and communications to support his contention that in the Obama surveillance state you have no privacy and you must be very careful what you say, even what to think . . . because whatever you say, write, or even think can (and probably will) be used against you.

Republican Leaders in Denial about Lies Behind Obama’s Surveillance State

Until the Republicans' Capitol Hill leadership pulls its head out of the sand and stops buying the lies they are being fed by the Obama administration, or better yet, they are replaced by principled limited government constitutional conservatives like Rep. Justin Amash and Senator Rand Paul, the surveillance state is going to continue to grow and our privacy and liberty will continue to be diminished.