Obama's executive amnesty

Obama Has It All Wrong: America is a Nation of Pioneers, Not Immigrants

Obama had it all wrong in his Thanksgiving address. The Pilgrims were pioneers – colonizers who undertook a voyage for “the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith, and honor of our king and country.” If today’s immigrants come to America with similar goals to advance Islam -- and there’s plenty of reason to believe that many legal and illegal immigrants from Muslim countries do – then we should certainly not see their arrival as a reason to celebrate, because they represent an existential threat to our way of life.

Majority Support GOP Efforts To Block O's Amnesty

Caroline May, Breitbart

A new poll finds a majority of registered voters oppose Obama’s exec. amnesty & support the current GOP strategy to defund his actions. The new Paragon Insights survey found that 58% of registered voters oppose O’s actions, compared to 36% supporting them.

GOP Leaders Seek Escape Plan on Immigration

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Mitch McConnell & John Boehner are struggling to find a way to fund the Dept. of Homeland Security while meeting conservative demands to unwind Obama’s exec. actions giving legal status to millions of illegals who would face deportation.

The United States of Amnesty

Chuck Ross, Daily Caller

The White House is embarking on a public relations pitch to raise awareness about Obama’s exec. amnesty, which the administration claims will provide a boost to the economy & have no negative impact on U.S. workers, a claim which even O has disputed in the past.

Boehner-McConnell Retreat In Amnesty Fight Alarms Conservatives

S. A. Miller, Washington Times

If GOP leaders weren't willing to use Congress’ power of the purse, the most potent weapon possessed by lawmakers to restrict a president, to stop an unconstitutional act, conservatives reasoned, would the GOP-controlled Congress ever go to the mat to fight Obama?

Levin: R's Won’t Stop Amnesty, OCare

Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times

“The problem is the Amer. people reject it,” Levin said. “Once again, they go through these motions as Boehner did a few weeks ago. They’re really going to fight Obama on this issue while at the same time he has Rep. Mike McCaul coming up with the tactics for the past 6 or 7 bills.”

How GOP Is Already Giving Up Amnesty Fight

Patrick Brennan, National Review

GOP leadership wants to abandon that bill and replace it with a “Plan B,” which has the unfortunate flaw of not being a plan to stop the amnesty at all.

Fight Over O's Amnesty Has Zero to Do With Homeland Sec.

Andrew C. McCarthy, PJ Media

If R's surrender on amnesty for illegal aliens, it will be because they decided to surrender on amnesty for illegal aliens. It'll be because their vows to fight Obama were so much empty rhetoric. It'll have nothing to do with homeland security.

Raul Labrador Rips Senate GOP on Immigration

Scott Wong, The Hill

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) criticized Mitch McConnell Weds., arguing he needed to stand up to Obama on immigration. “It’s uncanny to me that our leadership is sending the message that we’ve already lost this battle,” Labrador said at a conservative lawmakers event.

Ernst Ignores Exec Amnesty

Tony Lee, Breitbart

The GOP estab. elevated GOP Sen. Joni Ernst’s profile by choosing her to deliver the State of the Union response. She ignored the loudest message voters sent lawmakers by not opposing O’s amnesty in her remarks.

Immigration Officials Furious Over O's Amnesty

Caroline May, Breitbart

“If you can sneak in through the border, get past the Border Patrol, stay under the radar for a few years, have kids, you will be rewarded with protection from deportation under Obama’s policy. What the .....!” wrote one supervisor with ICE. 

McConnell to House GOP: Don’t Expect Amnesty Miracle

Alexander Bolton and Scott Wong, The Hill

Senate GOP leaders are using their joint retreat with the House to warn conservatives that they’re not going to be able to reverse Obama’s executive orders on immigration.

Border Fight Shifts to GOP Summit

Cristina Marcos, The Hill

Fissures emerged Weds. in the GOP on how to combat Obama’s immigration orders as 26 Repubs. voted against halting delayed deportations for immigrants brought to the country as children.

Arpaio Suit Against O's Amnesty Wins Accelerated Hearing

Cathy Burke, NewsMax

AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio's lawsuit challenging Obama's amnesty, dismissed by a federal judge last month, is back on the front burner, with an appeals court Weds. ordering an accelerated hearing in the constitutional case. 

Petition to Speaker Paul Ryan: Stop Obama's Liberal Transformation of America

Do Your Job and Stop Obama's Policies or GO HOME!

To: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and All Members of the House Republican Conference and Senate Republican Conference

Boehner Refuses to Rule Out ‘Clean’ DHS Funding Bill

Matt Fuller, Roll Call

Speaker John A. Boehner wouldn’t rule out Tuesday the possibility the House may have to pass a Department of Homeland Security funding bill that does not block Obama’s executive action on immigration.

The Silicon Valley Tech Worker Shortage Hoax

Washington policy has created a system that locks many of America’s best and brightest out of a career in their chosen field of study, and through its cruelly misnamed immigration "reform" Congress is actively pursuing measures that will make those hardships worse.

Lawsuit: Obama Amnesty to Impose Billions on States

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

Obama’s new deportation amnesty will impose “billions of dollars in costs” on states, they told a federal court this week, including more than $130 for each TX driver’s license issued to illegal immigrants under the policy. 

Leaked: Border Patrol Told Illegals Are Off Limits

Brandon Darby, Breitbart

Leaked internal US Customs & Border Protection documents reveal border agents are being told that the vast majority of illegal immigrants in the US are off limits to fed. agents and are substantially immune to detention/deportation.

Rep. Martha Roby Admits We Are Right – Her Bill Does Not Stop Amnesty

It is indisputable that by voting for the "CRomnibus" Rep. Roby voted to fund Obama’s amnesty in its entirety through the end of February, when the DHS appropriation expires. Through the "CRomnibus" she voted to fund many, if not most, of Obama's amnesty processes for the rest of the fiscal year. Her bill, HR 31, does nothing except stop the future actions of one part of Obama's government-wide scheme to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.