Obama's executive amnesty

Homeland Chief Unable to Explain How Exec. Amnesty Helps Americans

Daniel Harper, Weekly Standard

Under questioning from Rep. Barletta, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson was unable to state how President Obama's executive amnesty benefits legal Americans.

Jeb: R's Have to 'Lose the Primary to Win the General'

Peter Sullivan, The Hill

Bush laid out policy positions that are controversial among the conservative base. He said he opposed Obama's exec. amnesty, but said R's should act on the issue “rather than have their heads explode.”

Boehner Fakes Opposition To Amnesty Amid Increasing Pressure

Neil Munro, Daily Caller

Pressure from GOP voters and legislators is forcing House Speaker John Boehner to part-way oppose President Barack Obama’s personal amnesty for illegal immigrants, say GOP legislators.

GOP Reps Tom Price and Ted Yoho Are "Grubering" Voters on Amnesty

The latest head fakes on amnesty from the House Republican leadership show they share the same contempt for American workers and voters that Obama White House advisor Jonathan Gruber so memorably termed the stupidity of the American voter.

Right Voices Opposition to Funding Plan

Cristina Marcos, The Hill

Leading conservatives are voicing opposition to a plan that would avoid a gov't shutdown by funding most of the gov't through next Sept. The lawmakers described the plan as a concession and called on House R's to only agree to a short-term funding bill for the gov't.

Mia Love: O's Amnesty Action 'Like A Dictatorship'

Jennifer Burke, Tea Party News Network

“It's Congress’ job to create a uniform rule of naturalization, a way in. It should be done line by line, section by section with the input of the public instead of being done by one person. It looks more like a dictatorship when a president is unilaterally making decisions for the Amer. people.”

Homeland Chief Whines About Funding

Seung Min Kim, Politico

Homeland Security Sect. Jeh Johnson pushed back against the GOP move to limit the budget for his agency after Obama’s executive immigration actions.

Boehner: Americans Don't Trust O On Immigration

Speaker Boehner's Press Office

Boehner took Obama to task for his recent unilateral action on immigration, saying the president’s overreach has made “it harder for the American people and their elected representatives to trust his word on any issue.” 

GOP Has 10 Days to Kill O's Amnesty

Greg Corombos, WND

Will R's take crucial step to stop illegals before 12/11? “I think the Repubs. are going to have to find consensus on what they’re going to do. They’ve got to keep a civil war within their own party from happening. Boehner & McConnell (are) very hesitant to fight Obama on this.”

O Will Shutdown Gov't w/ Veto If GOP Tries to Stop Amnesty

Allahpundit, Hot Air

O refusing to sign a bill that funded most of the government, no strings attached, because of a separate fight over immigration could be a hard sell for lefties. And not just in the short term: Dems may lose their appetite for playing hardball in the future.

Repubs. Huddle to Counter O on Amnesty

Mike Lillis, The Hill

GOP voices say Repubs. should take the reins of the immigration debate with new legislation, both to bolster their party ahead of the 2016 elections and to push back against Obama.

Romney: Rs Should Pass Permanent Amnesty

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Romney's wants Congress to pass a “permanent clarification of our immigration laws so that people know where they stand," because O's amnesty is temporary. Romney said that the order will so inflame many R's that they'll be less likely to move on the type of permanent reform "that’s so badly needed.

Yes, Obama’s Amnesty Will Raid Social Security and Medicare

Obama's White House staff has admitted that many illegals who will be protected from deportation by Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty plan will be eligible to receive a “wide array” of government benefits, including Social Security and Medicare. The admission verifies that, once again, Americans are being fed a lie by Barack Obama. 

Clock Ticking Amid Fiscal Showdown

Cristina Marcos, The Hill

The GOP's response to Obama's immigration action will top the week. Many conservatives want to defund the executive action through the new spending bill to keep the government open past Dec. 11.

Cotton: Immigration Must Help Americans First

Neil Munro, Daily Caller

“Obama just lost an election in no small measure because wages for working families are declining & unemployment is still too high. The first big action he took was to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get jobs, not for working families to get jobs,” Sen. Tom Cotton said.

The Truth

Erick Erickson, Red State

Call your congressman. Tell him you want him to block passage of any continuing resolution that does not specifically shut down the President’s executive amnesty action.

Obama Admits that He Violated the Constitution

Jennifer Burke, Tea Party News Network

Responding to hecklers who shouted during his speech that he was deporting families, Obama went off script and made the stunning admission that he changed the law unilaterally. 

Illegals Eligible for Social Security, Medicare Under Amnesty Plan

Sandy Fitzgerald, Newsmax

Obama's exec. amnesty will make millions of them eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits and likely allow them to eventually collect more than they have legally contributed, reports say.

Obama's Amnesty Action Reinvigorates Tea Party

Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times

Jeff Sessions made the case that Obama and the titans of business who supported his immigration policy, like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, were ignoring the will of ordinary Americans who want good-paying jobs that are not taken by immigrants. 

The ICE Guide To Avoiding Deportation In 5 Easy Steps

Jonathan Strong, Breitbart

Obama's exec. amnesty for an estimated five million illegal aliens is, from the perspective of Repubs., an unconstitutional power grab that threatens the republic. In Obama's telling, over soft piano music in a campaign-style YouTube video, it “just comes down to people.”