Obama's executive amnesty

GOP Plan: Fund Entire Gov't Except for Immigration

Allahpundit, Hot Air

The House GOP plan is being called the “CROmnibus.” The money for immigration enforcement will run out in the spring, forcing Obama to either make a deal on his exec. amnesty then or find a way to pay for its implementation that doesn’t involve dipping into Congress’s purse.

GOP’s Sound & Fury Signifies Nothing

Steve Deace, TownHall

It's time for Republicans to stop suing Obama, and start stopping him before its too late.

Obama and the Dispensing Power

Adam Yoshida, American Thinker

Those who view this sweeping assertion of presidential authority by Obama through the prism of politics are missing the point. This is not merely a political outrage -- it is a historic offense against the Constitution and public liberty.

Steve King: Obama Exploits Immigrant Kids For Political Gain

Ardent anti-amnesty conservative Rep. Steve King warned Americans not to fall for Obama's false narrative of compassion. "Anchor babies will be an automatic human shield for the mothers and fathers of the anchor babies." Basically, Obama's amnesty order exploits immigrant children for political gain. 

The GOP's Backwards Reaction to O's Amnesty

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

If R's were serious about fighting O's unconstitutional exec. amnesty, they would have reconvene a special session. We need to use the numerous GOP-controlled state legislatures to push through enduring safeguards against the type of irrevocable tyranny.

It’s Time To Exercise the Legislative “Veto”

David Corbin and Matt Parks, The Federalist

Republicans would be better off if they spent more time figuring out how to use a legislative veto (and funding a constitutional gov't worth funding), and less time making idle threats.

LGraham Scolds R's For Not Passing Amnesty

Rebecca Shabad, The Hill

Lindsey Graham said R's are partially responsible for not passing comprehensive immigration reform. “Shame on us as R's for having a body that cannot generate a solution to an issue that’s nat'l security, that’s cultural, that’s economic. I’m disappointed in my party," h

America is a Nation of Pioneers, Not Immigrants

The establishment media, encouraged none too subtly by President Obama’s announcement that he was unconstitutionally granting amnesty and work permits to millions of illegal aliens, has now decreed that “Thanksgiving is about immigration” and that the Pilgrims were “illegal immigrants.”

Federal Employees Are Under No Obligation To Carry Out An Illegal Order

Federal officers and employees have both the obligation to disobey an illegal and unconstitutional order and a legal right to protection from retribution if they do. We should support and encourage them keep their oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and honor and support those who do.

GOP Leaders' Hearts and Heads Not in Amnesty Fight

If Senator McConnell won’t use the votes he has in the Senate, and Speaker Boehner won’t use the majority he has in the House to stop Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty, then they should get out of the way and let conservatives organize the opposition and unite Republicans to use all the tools the Constitution gives them to rein-in a lawless President.

Boehner: House Will Act to Stop Obama

Scott Wong, The Hill

John Boehner vowed that the House will act to stop Obama's exec. actions on immigration. "We're working with our members & looking at the options that are available to us, but I will say to you, the House will, in fact, act."

Several R's Ready to Fight; Rogers GIves In on Amnesty

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Hal Rogers, who says R's can’t block funding because the US Citizenship & Immigration Services involved operates on fees. Laura Ingraham said that's dishonest. “The clever people on Cap. Hill could figure this one out in a better way than just ‘Throw Up Your Hands, Hal.’ 

O: US Taxpayers Must Pay For Illegals' Kids

Neil Munro, Daily Caller

Illegal immigrants will receive huge payments from American taxpayers under rules now being imposed by Obama’s unilateral amnesty.

O’s Amnesty Will Add As Many Foreign Workers As New Jobs Since '09

Neil Munro, Daily Caller

Obama's plans will distribute five million work permits to illegal immigrants, and also create a new inflow of foreign college graduates for prestigious salaried jobs, according to press reports.

Conservatives Must React to O Speech with Courage, Energy

Mark Davis, TownHall

The Obama speech was not even a defining moment. It was a roadblock that needs to be worked around so that we can craft legislation that people can actually support, and that a much better president can actually sign.

Palin on Exec Amnesty: Obama Giving Americans Middle Finger

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Sarah Palin blasted  Obama for endangering the country and screwing American workers--U.S.-born and legal immigrants--of all backgrounds with his executive amnesty for illegal immigrants. 

Rogers Claim: Impossible to Defund Exec. Amnesty

Rebecca Shabad, The Hill

It would be “impossible" to defund Obama’s exec. actions on immigration through a gov't spending bill, the House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers said. The comm. said the primary agency responsible for implementing Obama's actions is funded entirely by user fees. 

R's Weigh Legality of Obama's Immigration Move

Jess Bravin, Wall Street Journal

Republicans counter that Obama plans to go further than predecessors in molding immigration policy, effectively rewriting immigration laws without action from Congress and violating the Constitution.

White House: Boehner Forced Immigration Move

Justin Sink, The Hill

Obama decided to move ahead with exec. action on immigration partially because Speaker John Boehner wouldn’t commit to holding a vote on reform legislation in the new Congress, a spokesman said.

Carney: O ‘Literally’ Doing What He Said Was Unconstitutional

Washington Free Beacon Staff

Former White House spokesman Jay Carney admitted on CNN that President Obama did indeed flip-flop on executive amnesty.