Obamacare delays

Repubs. Challenge Obama's Authority on Delays

Louise Radnofsky, Wall Street Journal

Repubs. are pointing to statements by a top Treasury Dept. official as evidence that the Obama admin. overstepped its authority in delaying Obamacare's requirement that employers offer coverage or pay a penalty.

Obamacare Delay to Save Dems in the Midterms

John Hayward, Human Events

The latest nakedly political and illegal ObamaCare delay has King Barack I bowing to pressure from terrified Dems. looking a midterm bloodbath and waiving the Affordable Care Act’s insurance mandates for another year. 

Never Mind About the Obamacare Premium

The problem with compiling Obamacare enrollment numbers is that like almost everything else liberals do, Obamacare is built on good intentions, not actual production or achievement. When Democrats passed Obamacare they had good intentions about helping the poor and the uninsured, so never mind if anyone is actually paying the premium. Sign the petition to tell Republican leaders to stop Obamacare.

Report: Pile-up of Obamacare Regs. Awaiting Approval

Sarah Hurtubise, Daily Caller

Twenty-eight significant Obamacare regulations are still waiting for approval, according to a new study, including five-month old rules surrounding the individual mandate. The final approval of these regulations is important to making the various provisions of the law work on time.

Another Obamacare Delay

Becket Adams, The Blaze

The deadline for the Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plan (PCIP) will be moved to March 15, up from its previous deadline of Jan. 31.

Ted Cruz: Obama Admin. Is 'Lawless'

Peter Schroeder, The Hill

Ted Cruz contends the Obama administration has been "lawless" in a host of recent actions. He said the president's decisions to delay portions of Obamacare and install contested nominees amount to a flagrant disregard for the law and longstanding tradition.

Obamacare:Buy Now, Pay After '14 Elections

Tea Party Patriots

Understanding the mindset of those in Washington is more about maintaining political power rather than attending to the welfare of the people.

Bachmann:OCare Should Be Voluntary

Rep. Michele Bachmann, National Review Online

Obamacare is forcing every American to purchase a policy they don’t want at a price they can’t afford from a website that doesn’t work. Why doesn't Obama sign up for it himself? Until then, why not make it voluntary for the rest of us?

Obama: Expect OCare Glitches

Mackenzie Weinger, Politico

Obama said he “absolutely” expects glitches and problems with Obamacare as enrollment kicks off Tuesday, though he's still confident it will help the uninsured.

Paul: Obamacare Delay Would Be a Win

Cathy Burke, Newsmax

"If we can't get rid of the whole thing, we ought to do everything we can to make it less bad," Rand Paul said. "If we can slow down or derail Obamacare for a year, that would be a victory."

More Obamacare Lies Debunked

Guy Benson, Townhall

Many employers are dropping spousal health coverage and warning of layoffs over OCare. What's worse is the fact that Obama continues to lie about OCare coverage. The MSM caught him this time.