Obamacare is unconstitutional

Petition to Impeach Barack Obama

To: U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan, and All Members of the House and Senate Republican Conferences

Impeach President Obama Now!

Articles of Impeachment Handed Out

WND Staff

A book described as “the first draft of the articles of impeachment against Obama” has been distributed to all 435 members of the House, including the 15 who have publicly admitted they have considered the idea.

Dems: Constitutionally Illiterate

Betsy McCaughey, American Spectator

Displaying their ignorance of the Constitution, Dems are excoriating Repub Reps for attaching a condition — no Obamacare — to a stopgap bill to fund the government. It's not extortion; it's chceks and balances in action.

Ted Cruz Sets Up A Necessary Constitutional Confrontation

Republicans must stand firm against any CR with Obamacare funding in it. If they don’t, then what is established is the principle that the federal government is entitled to whatever money is necessary to keep programs Congress created in the past going, whether the people want them or not, and a perpetual government entitlement to funding would signal the end of constitutional government in America.