'Oscars 2020' parades Hollywood's contempt for everyday Americans

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

The ratings came in for the Oscars Awards Show, Hollywood's annual ritual of back-slapping and self-congratulations. For anyone in Hollywood or the entertainment industry who remained confident that America still cared, they had another thing coming. The lack of a desire by the normals to be subjected to what immediately became another three hours of the woke lecturing by the rich and smug impacted the ratings. Attacks on Mr. Trump are expected, but the night’s sanctimony was targeting those the new Hollywood has always held in contempt — their own audience. Ratings of award shows tell a story of who and what America is choosing — and the establishment will get an undeniable confirmation of that on Nov. 3.

We Were Going To Ignore Ricky Gervais And The Golden Globes, But…

We can’t remember the last time we watched a media awards show, it was probably the last time Johnny Cash got an award at the CMAs – the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Tony Awards – forgot about them years ago. But it turns out Ricky Gervais' monologue, while not exactly safe for Sunday school, was nonetheless very funny as it let the air out of Hollywood's woke windbags.

Academy Favorite 'Vice' Distorts History of Iraq War

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

"Vice" led the pack of Golden Globe nominations with six and is an early favorite for the Best Picture Oscar. So unfortunately, due to the biased state of our educational system, this could well make the movie the definitive statement on the Iraq War for a whole generation of ignorant young Americans. Otherwise, it wouldn't be worth commenting about. I won't be voting for this movie. I would also advise against seeing it. These people should not be rewarded for their execrable distortion of history.

Heroism in a Dark Theater

William Murchison, The American Spectator

Human heroism never goes away as an inspiration to those who view it — in books, in life, in darkened theaters. It points upward instead of downward, outward rather than inward. It makes the fists clench in resolution It can make you want to sing, and to pat your feet in time to the music. It may draw a tear, not to mention cascades of the salty stuff.

Why I Didn't Vote in the Oscars

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

We are in a time when award ceremonies are, to put mildly, inappropriate.  It's not just the Oscars.  It's all of them.  Enough of prizes for a while. Time to take a timeout. Think I'm being excessive?  I'll take it a little further.  When prizes are being presented, I almost automatically smell a rat of some sort.  Someone's trying to sell somebody something or winning something they didn't deserve.

American Sniper And Other Patriotic Movies Blanked At Oscars – CHQ Reader Poll Gets It Right

That American Sniper was blanked at the Oscars was no surprise to CHQ readers, and the fact that no patriotic movie got any significant Academy recognition should have been no surprise either. Country class Americans long ago recognized that Hollywood’s self-absorbed elite don’t really care about a film’s audience appeal, art or message, all they care about is themselves.