Political Action Committees

KY GOPers Unnerved By Tea Party Coup

Scott Wartman, Cincinnati.com

A recent coup attempt by tea partiers to oust the do-nothing GOP-E leaders in Campbell Cty, KY appalled some GOPers and spurred them to start a PAC to oppose such efforts. While the tea party-backed coup didn’t succeed, it unnerved local estab. R's & prompted the creation of the GOP Facts Comm. 

End the Scandals: Vote McDaniel in Mississippi’s GOP Senate Primary

From renting an apartment from a staff member and traveling the world with her to questionable schemes by the Haley Barbour political machine to fund attacks on his opponent 36-year incumbent: Senator Thad Cochran's campaign is floundering in scandal.

Obama’s FEC Threatens to Censor Conserv. Media

Greg Campbell, Tea Party News Network

Finding the news that the mainstream media won’t report on may soon become impossible as the FEC chairman has warned of a crackdown by the government on conservative news sites and other news outlets by regulating them similarly as they would a Political Action Committee (PAC).

Tea Party Patriots Defends Spending Practices: ‘It Costs Money To Operate A Big Org’

Alex Pappas, Daily Caller

Tea Party Patriots defended itself after news reports have questioned its spending practices. “These ‘news reports’ include sensational allegations regarding what might appear to the uninformed as excessive fundraising costs. Nothing could be further from the truth."

Moderates vs. Conservatives: Which Repub. PACs Came Out On Top?

Katie Singh, Burnt Orange Report

Looking at which PAC's candidates did the best, we found that moderate Republicans are still struggling, and the Tea Party is doing significantly better than one might think.

McConnell Loves Lib Lobbyists

Daniel Horowitz, Madison Project

The American Chemistry Council, led by liberal CA Dem Cal Dooley, launched a $400k ad buy for McConnell. The only others ACC is supporting are liberals and RINOs.

Tea Party PACs Clean Rove’s Clock

Let’s hope these results indicate Rove’s “Svengali-like power” over donors was broken by his catastrophic failures in 2012, and that donors are now demanding to know what the candidates stand for before they contribute. Once Rove’s donors start doing that, we are confident they will invest in principled conservatives like Sam Brownback, Mike Pence, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, rather than the content-free vessels into which Rove pours “me-too” establishment Republicanism.