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Fr. Frank Pavone: President Trump is 'The Most Pro-Life President We Have Ever Had'

As Fr. Pavone recently wrote, let’s re-launch our own efforts to educate and mobilize the pro-life vote. Let’s expose the extremism of the Democrat platform and policies on abortion, especially late-term abortion and even infanticide. Let’s make sure people in our movement are registered to vote and most importantly, let's pray for President Trump.

Priests for Life: Elections 2016

Our friend Dr. Deal W. Hudson, Publisher & Editor of The Christian Review, recently released a report detailing the activities of Priests for Life during the 2016 election cycle. Dr. Hudson’s report confirms in many ways the analysis presented in our three-part series “How Catholics Swung the Electoral College to Donald Trump.”

Charge: Office Depot refused Christian print job

Bob Unruh, WND

Office Depot is being accused of refusing to print a flyer for an Illinois woman because of its Christian content, including a prayer by Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life. “We suggest that you consider what your position would be if our client were black and your employees refused service because of her race,” said a letter to Office Depot Chairman Roland C. Smith from Thomas Olp of the Thomas More Society, which is representing the woman.

Pro-Lifers: “We Won't Obey the OCare HHS Mandate, Ever”

Steve Ertelt,

Last week, a fed. appeals court ruled that the Obama admin. can force Priests for Life to obey the HHS mandate. PFL is now hoping to take its case to the SCOTUS, where it hopes to receive a favourable ruling, as in the Hobby Lobby case.

Nancy Pelosi’s Complete Disconnect

Fr. Frank Pavone, CNS News

Priests for Life will not allow the former Speaker to get away with her blatant inconsistencies.