Quin Hillyer

Religious liberty at risk

Quin Hillyer, Quin Hillyer.com

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) reported, in its annual assessment, that religious freedom has not just decreased around the world in the past year, but “has been under serious and sustained assault.” In many areas, said commission chairman Robert George, “religious freedom conditions… have spiraled downward.”

Quin Hillyer: Hope in SCOTUS Arguments on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

Many conservative commentators seem to take defeat on traditional marriage as a foregone conclusion; we join Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation and Quin Hillyer in disagreeing. And what's more even if the decision goes against us the fight is far from over.

Quin Hillyer’s Take: Pence Just Caved On RFRA

Our good friend Quin Hillyer has a late breaking piece in National Review Online claiming that Indiana Governor Mike Pence has caved to the radical homosexual lobby and is about to demand the legislature pass a bill “clarifying” his state’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

What’s Wrong With Common Core? Let’s ‘Understand’ the Ways

Common Core isn't integration of educational skills; it's the disintegration of educational disciplines. Even on its own terms, the Common Core is rotten.

The IRS's God Complex

Quin Hillyer, National Review Online

The tax agency signs a secret pact with atheists, promising it will investigate 99 churches. 

It's Time to Offend Some Liberals

Quin Hillyer, National Review Online

Many on the left say not only that the state should legally recognize just about any commitment somebody might decide to solemnize, but also that the state should penalize a private decision not to bake a cake or create a bouquet for a particular commitment ceremony. Now that should be grounds for civil disobedience.

Progress on Prison Reform

Quin Hillyer, National Review Online

Conservatives would do well to provide opportunity and means for marginalized citizens to improve their lots in life with prison reform. The new task force on federal corrections might help make important strides in one front of this battle.

The Worst Republican Senator

Quin Hillyer, American Spectator

Lindsey Graham's sorry record is embarrassing. "Graham doesn't seem to have any conservative vision," CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie said. "He doesn't seem to walk with conservatives. I'm not aware of any movement conservatives on his staff."

Paul Ryan's Rope

Quin Hillyer, National Review Online

The budget chairman hangs conservatives out to dry. 

Should Cuccinelli Run for Senate?

Alex Pappas, Daily Caller

Conservative writer Quin Hillyer is the first person to openly make a full-throated case for Cuccinelli to throw his hat into the ring to take on incumbent Sen. Mark Warner, a popular Dem. in VA.

The Phenomenon of Quin Hillyer

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

One of the problems common to public office holders is that the desire to have a title too often outstrips a well thought out reason for holding the job in the first place. This will never be said of Quin Hillyer.

Quintessentially Conservative

Kyle Peterson, American Spectator

Quin Hillyer, successor to a long line of bonafide conservatives and former editor of American Spectator, is one of the best voices of the conservative movement. He stands ready to blow away his establishment R opponents in the House race for AL01.