California GOP’s RINOs Retake the Leadership

Steven Greenhut, The American Spectator

The newly announced California Assembly’s Republican leadership team is a “who’s who” of “Republicans in name only” (RINOs) — a poke in the eye of party activists. No matter how riled the party’s dwindling number of voters become, it’s clear that GOP leaders are doubling down on the kinder, gentler approach that has left them with only 25 percent of the state’s electorate. They may soon be surpassed by “decline to state.”

Did Senator Lindsey Graham Finally Get One Right?

If Senator Graham can cajole his buddy John McCain into voting for his bill it just might allow Republicans to, at least part way, make good on their eight-year pledge to repeal and replace Obamacare.

One Down 40 – 50 To Go

Rep. Charles Dent a leader of the RINO Tuesday Group is retiring. Our take on the Tuesday Group is 1 down, 40 – 50 to go, they are each guilty until proven innocent by their votes, so primary them all.

RINOs Declare War On Trump’s Conservative Budget

Sen. John McCain and other RINOs have declared President Trump's budget DOA. This is the kind of “Republican” policy that has federal spending on autopilot while tax collections are at record highs and the federal deficit is also at a record high.

"Dump Trump" Anger Sparks Write-in Campaign Against Anti-Trump RINO Martha Roby

In the recent "Dump Trump" movement, a correlation is apparent... follow the money! The list of prominent names recently dumping Trump could be titled “The Chamber’s Bought and Paid for RINOs.” Now Trump voters are striking back.

Rep. Charles Dent: A RINO in Search of a Primary Opponent

"Republican" Rep. Charles Dent (PA-15) made clear in an interview with CNN he doesn’t want a Republican-controlled Congress – he wants a bipartisan governing majority that will keep spending, and maintain its power by engaging in lies and show votes. It is time conservatives ran a real Republican against Charles Dent, one who will fight for conservative principles, such as reining in the spending, deficit and debt that are destroying our economy, and most importantly, committing to vote for a Republican for Speaker.

GOP Senators' Ocare Bridge to Nowhere

Dave Urbanski, The Blaze

Sens. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, John Barrasso of Wyoming and Orrin Hatch of Utah announced they planned to sponsor financial assistance for a “transitional period” and that states would be allowed the freedom to improve their health care systems. They provide no detail on how much assistance they would propose, its duration or how to pay for it. Nor do they say how they would address divisions among Republicans or Obama administration opposition to improving or repairing the 2010 law.

Christie Won’t Run as a Conservative

Joseph Curl, Washington Times

Chris Christie might be the media rage right now, but that doesn’t mean he’s good for the GOP.