Rand Paul for President

Rand Paul to Fox Business: I'm skipping your debate

Dylan Byers and Theodore Schleifer, CNN

Rand Paul will boycott Thursday night's Republican primary debate in South Carolina after being relegated from the main stage, he said on Monday.

Cruz and Paul are Right: Rubio Has Always Been Amnesty’s Leading Advocate

Marco Rubio must be crazy if he thinks conservatives won’t remember his role in crafting and ramming through the hated “Gang of Eight” amnesty for illegal aliens bill. Although Rubio is once again engaged in his signature “say one thing do another” move on amnesty and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, this time Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul aren’t letting him get away with it.

Chris Christie vs. Rand Paul

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

The dust-up between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul over presidential fidelity to the Constitution — particularly the Fourth Amendment — was the most illuminating two minutes of the Republican debate last week.

Why I’m Tired of Defending Rand Paul

Jonathan Bydlak, Politico

Regardless of whether one is inclined to believe the media, it’s no longer possible to ignore the fact that Paul’s support is slipping. His New Hampshire numbers have dropped from 14 percent in February to just four percent according to a poll released Sunday (By comparison, Ron Paul received nearly 8 percent of the state’s vote in 2008 and over 22 percent in 2012). 

Rand Paul headlining event with South Carolina veterans

The Island Packet

Republican presidential contender Rand Paul is returning to South Carolina for a campaign event focused on issues facing veterans. The U.S. senator from Kentucky is taking part in a town hall meeting Monday on veterans and military issues in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Christie, Paul and Perry Court the Black Vote

Jason L. Riley, The Wall Street Journal

President Obama will be leaving the White House in 18 months, but where will that leave the minority voters who helped elect him? It’s a question that Republican presidential hopefuls not named Donald Trump are pondering.


Ian Hanchett, Breitbart

Kentucky Senator and GOP presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) argued that TPA is giving the president power on trade bills, some of which he says seem like “more of an outline of the bill” on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Kuhner Report” on Boston’s WRKO. Rand, before the vote took place, stated, “I’ve been consistently against TPA and have voted against it from the beginning. I think that giving more authority to the president is precisely what we don’t need to be doing."

Rand Paul Tax Plan: Blow Up the Tax Code To Turbocharge Economic Growth

Paul’s plan would eliminate nearly every special-interest loophole. The plan also eliminates the payroll tax on workers and several federal taxes outright, including gift and estate taxes, telephone taxes, and all duties and tariffs. Senator Paul calls his plan “The Fair and Flat Tax.” While reducing the power of the IRS and making the tax code simple are laudable goals in and of themselves it is the economic growth component of Senator Paul’s plan that makes it so attractive to us and the analysts at The Club for Growth.

Rand Paul: Don’t Trust a Lying Government

Senator Rand Paul, Time

The USA Freedom Act, which the Senate approved Tuesday, still threatens the constitutional rights of Americans. Apologists for collecting all the phone records of all Americans all of the time now belatedly say they are OK with ending the bulk collection program. They want you to know that your records are not really protected by the Fourth Amendment. They are only doing you a favor by granting you this reform.

Can You "Compromise" On The Constitution?

We don't think you can "compromise" on the Constitution. This would seem to be the time for constitutionalists in Congress to strike and to rein-in the abuses of the Fourth Amendment that have gradually built-up like barnacles on our right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Unfortunately, with the USA Freedom Act, Congress is headed in the wrong direction.

Rand Paul pummeled by warhawk critics and media over NSA

Howard Kurtz, Fox News

Rand Paul may be the most unpopular Republican in Washington right now. Which doesn’t necessarily hurt his presidential campaign.The Kentucky lawmaker single-handedly blocked the Senate from extending the NSA’s bulk records surveillance authority, which ended—at least temporarily—at midnight Sunday.

Rand Paul Running Hard on Civil Liberties

Steve Peoples and Tammy Weber, RCP

Rand Paul infuriated his party leaders by almost single-handedly delaying the extension of the Patriot Act. Now, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is fighting to transform his recent Capitol Hill victory into momentum with the voters who will select the next president.

Fitzgibbons Fires Back: Patriot Act Metadata Collection “unsupported by the Constitution”

In America, neither individuals nor businesses are expected to hand over data or other private property to government without probable cause and a judge-issued warrant, or after trial under due process. Popular sentiment and the Bill of Rights are aligned on this. We’re not supposed to be a police state, which is why the Fourth Amendment’s protecting this private property from the government is quintessential American law over government says constitutional lawyer Mark Fitzgibbons, and we agree.

Jindal Rips Paul Over ISIS, Calls Him Unfit for WH

Andrew Desiderio, RCP

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says Rand Paul is unfit for the presidency after the Kentucky senator blamed Republican “hawks” for the existence and rise of the Islamic State. “ISIS exists and grew stronger because of the hawks in our party who gave arms indiscriminately [to Syrian rebels], and most of those arms were snatched up by ISIS,” the 2016 GOP presidential candidate said on “Morning Joe” Wednesday morning.

Are Rand Paul’s NSA Metadata Concerns Misplaced?

Earlier this week Fox News’s Megyn Kelly conducted an incisive interview with Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.) about his opposition to the National Security Agency’s metadata-collection program under Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act (the business-records provision). That interview prompted our good friend Andrew C. McCarthy of National Review to post a detailed rebuttal of Paul’s position that was so thought provoking we think it needs further discussion from our large audience of constitutionalists.

Rand Paul’s Timely Takedown of the Patriot Act

The New York Times Editorial Board

Liberty-minded Senator Rand Paul got a rare kudos from the Editorial Board of The New York Times who said in a Thursday editorial " Senator Rand Paul did Americans a singular service by forcing attention to the fact that their civil liberties remain at stake as Congress drifts toward a renewal of the Patriot Act that is likely to do too little to rein in government surveillance programs."


Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Cruz, who doesn’t entirely agree with Paul on National Security Agency (NSA) bulk data collection as contained in the PATRIOT Act’s Section 215, came to the floor to applaud Paul’s big move for liberty. “I thank the senator from Kentucky,” Cruz said when he took the floor. “I would note he and I agree on a great many issues, although we don’t agree entirely on this issue, but I want to take the opportunity to thank the senator from Kentucky for his passionate defense of liberty. His is a voice that this body needs to listen to."

Rand Paul Stages Filibuster To Protest Patriot Act

The NSA's bulk collection of telephone records violates the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects the country's citizens against unreasonable searches and seizures, Senator Rand Paul said. "I see no reason you can't have security and the Constitution at the same time," said Paul. "There's no reason why we can't catch terrorists like we catch other bad people in our society, by using the Constitution." 

At Iowa dinner, Rand Paul hits Jeb Bush on Iraq

Eli Stokols, POLITICO

Sen. Rand Paul was alone among the 11 Republicans who spoke here at the Iowa Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday night in taking a shot at Jeb Bush over his comments last week about the Iraq War. Bush, of course, has spent the week backpedaling after initially telling Megyn Kelly in a Fox News interview that he would have authorized military force in Iraq even “knowing what we know now”; four days after the interview aired, Bush acknowledged that he would not, in hindsight, have made the same call as his brother did.

Rand Paul: Jeb Bush "fumbled" Iraq question

Rebecca Kaplan, CBS NEWS

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said that his fellow Republican, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, gave an "incredibly fumbled answer" when he was asked earlier this week if he would have authorized the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Paul told Politico that Bush "fumbled" the question and that he plans to make a "clear distinction" from his fellow Republicans on the lessons of history.