Rep. Mick Mulvaney

GOP Hawks Sink Libertarian Bid to Lead Key Conserv. Bloc

Lachlan Markay, Washington Free Beacon

Defense-oriented conservs. won out in races for the chairmanships of key House panels, and in at least one case, a member’s perceived weakness on defense issues may have scuttled his bid to lead an influential bloc of House conservs.

For House Majority Whip We Back Stutzman Over Scalise and Roskam

The contest for House Majority Whip is not between Reps Steve Scalise, Peter Roskam and some hypothetical perfect conservative. It is between Scalise, Roskam and the only candidate in the race with a record of standing for conservative principles when the chips are down – Marlin Stutzman.

Mick Mulvaney: The New Lindsey Graham

Daniel Horowitz, Red State

Many conservatives from “Red America” are living under a false sense of security, assuming that their members are fighting for them in DC in the way they promised on the campaign trail. Mick Mulvaney is just the latest example of how quickly the #PotomacMentalDisorder turns a conservative into a Lindsey Graham.