The Congressional GOP’s Historic Failure

Timothy Birdnow, American Thinker

So why do the GOP continue to flail about in so amateurish a fashion? Simple: they are terrified of what Obama may do to them. They have become fully tamed Elephants. That is the secret to Donald Trump's success, and that is why the base is rebelling against the Establishment. Tamed men are called slaves.

The Iran Deal: Use The Constitution To Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

Grant Starrett, the principled limited government constitutional conservative candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in Tennessee-4 reminds us that if Congress would simply follow the Constitution President Obama's disastrous nuclear weapons treaty with Iran would fail, and Congress still has an opportunity to get it right.

GOP Senate Should Put Brakes on Obama Judges

Hugh Hewitt, Washington Examiner

Obama has already made his mark upon the fed. judiciary. Ted Cruz wants a complete embargo on all Obama nominees, save those critical to nat'l security, because of the O's unconstitutional exec. amnesty. This full embargo would include judicial nominees. 

Signs Point To Big Support For A Conservative Challenger To Senator Alexander

A 2013 study by Congressional Quarterly found that Lamar Alexander votes with President Obama 62% of the time, more than any other Republican Senator from the South. No wonder some 76% of Republican primary voters canvassed in Tennessee by the BEAT LAMAR project on Saturday said they want a conservative candidate to challenge incumbent Republican Senator Lamar Alexander in the 2014 Republican primary.

CHQ Launches Straw Poll: Who Republicans Nominate In 2016 Is Up To You

It is not too early to start winnowing the wheat from the chaff and sorting the candidates with a real commitment to limited government constitutional principles from those who just talk a good game when they need conservative votes in a primary. Visit this page and cast your vote in our straw poll today.

Media Bias Against Ken Cuccinelli Rampant At POLITICO

Photo selection has long been a not-so-subtle tool for the establishment media to impose their biases upon an unsuspecting public, and there is no better example available than how journalists portray Tea Party members and conservatives in general as “angry white males."