Republican Party Leaders

Romney Tries to Re-emerge As Force in GOP Politics

Associated Press Staff

Romney has sought kingmaker status in the GOP's fight for the Senate and its quest to retake the WH in '16. Romney insiders say he's more interested in shaping GOP politics by lending his name & fundraising ability to (what he considers) electable conservatives than in running again.

GOP Leaders Ignite Civil War, Take Shots at TEA Party

Dr. Rich Swier, Virginia Free Citizen

The first law of politics, and war, is secure your base. Ruling class Republicans should take heed of that maxim. If you tread on the Tea Party it may come back and bite you in 2014 and again in 2016.

Is It Time To Drop Chris Christie From Our Presidential Poll?

With NJ Governor Chris Christie’s reputation now seriously damaged by “Bridge-Gate” we here at CHQ are wondering if his problems haven’t cleared a path for another of the Republican establishment’s perennial favorites: former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.