Republican neoconservatives

Those Sophisticated Clinton Republicans

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

The neocon tastemakers gunning for Trump’s defeat view her as a fellow member of the ruling class, confused at times but at least comprehensible. Around the time of her appointment to the State Department, this crowd, conveniently forgetting the radicalism of her Yale days and work for the Children’s Defense Fund, propped her up as a safe member of the establishment. 

Sinking the Lusitania: Lying America into War, Again

No one emerges from World War I with much honor, especially Democrat President Woodrow Wilson. He unforgivably dragged Americans into other people’s war. A century ago many Americans succumbed to Britain’s deceitful propaganda campaign. On the centennial of the Lusitania’s demise Americans should remember the importance of just saying no. Now as then Americans need a president and Congress that believe war to be a last resort for use only when necessary to protect this nation, its people, liberties, and future.

For Ronald Reagan Peace through Strength Did Not Mean War at Any Price

Reagan’s mantra was “peace through strength.” Peace was the end, strength the means. He focused his attention on the Soviet Union and its advanced outposts, especially in the Western Hemisphere. But he used the new capabilities created almost not at all.