Right to Life

Abortions Fall in Nearly Every U.S. State, Survey Finds

Jack Linshi, Time

Abortions across the United States have decreased some 12% since 2010, according to a new survey on the most recent data from states’ health departments.

Meet The Real Abortion Extremists

David Harsanyi, The Federalist

In Colorado this week, Republicans introduced a fetal homicide bill that would enable prosecutors to file murder charges when an unborn baby is killed against the mother’s wishes, but for Colorado Democrats, even those who kill unborn babies against the mother’s wishes aren't murderers.

Rand Paul dodges question on exceptions to abortion ban

Philip Elliott, Associated Press

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a newly declared Republican presidential candidate, is dodging a central question about abortion: What exceptions, if any, should be made if the procedure were to be banned? In an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday, Paul would not say if his opposition to abortion rights includes an exception in cases of rape, incest or risk to the life of the mother.

Bills To Protect Unborn Children Pass In Florida

Florida's pro life community went on offense this year and HB 59 (Unborn Victims of Violence Bill) and HB 1047 (Bans Abortion of a Viable Unborn Child) are now on Governor Rick Scott's desk thanks to the leadership of Florida Republican state Representatives Larry Ahern and Janet H. Adkins, and Florida state Senators Kelli Stargel and Anitere Flores.

Gosnell Movie: Confront Evil: Expose It

Jim DeMint, Heritage Foundation Blog

The most prolific serial killer didn’t put on a mask, or send cryptic letters to papers. He opened an office and let his victims come to him. He kept babies' feet as trophies. We cannot fight evil in this world without staring it in the face.

Why Dr. Ben Carson Should Be A Republican Candidate For President

We know an individual who has never been elected to public office and who does not have great personal wealth will have a hard time being elected President, but Ben Carson would make all Republican candidates better just by being in the game. Click here to vote in our NEW 2016 GOP Presidential Poll now.

Media Misses Pro-Life Progress

Michael J. New, National Review Online

Media coverage of the Texas filibuster failed to highlight all the new laws protecting the unborn.