Rising Health Insurance Premiums

72 Absurd Items ObamaCare Requires Your Health Insurance to Cover

Writer Ben Hart lists health services mandated by ObamaCare that he is paying for, but doesn't need. He then proposes simple 9 ideas -- some radical -- to repair the damage Obama has done to the health insurance and health care markets.

5 Ways OCare May Hurt You in 5 Days

Kelsey Harris, Heritage Blog

With Obamacare’s gov't takeover of healthcare beginning in just five days, will Senators allow Harry Reid to force Obamacare back into the funding bill or stand with the House to defund it?

ObamaCare: Freedom From Choice

John Hayward, Human Events

What Obama isn’t telling us is that his likely bogus 30 million uninsured figure is projected over the next 8 years, not some great explosion of insurance opportunities set to blossom in 2014.