Robert Sarvis

Libertarian PAC Denies Dem Plot

Brian Doherty,

The exec. director of the Libertarian National Committee and founder of the Libertarian Booster PAC, responds to accusations that his PAC only supported Sarvis's campaign for governor of VA as a tool of moneyed Dem. interests, specifically donor Joe Liemandt.

Rush: GOP Feared TeaParty Would Get Credit

Jason Howerton, The Blaze

Limbaugh argued that McAuliffe used the Clinton model of running a 3-way race, with a ringer candidate (Sarvis) to siphon off votes from his opponent. "Dems enlisted a “fake Libertarian candidate” who was “paid for by an Obama bundler. More people voted against McAuliffe than voted for him,” Limbaugh explained.

A Prime Example of Why Conservatives Need to Takeover the GOP

You build a political movement from the bottom to the top and you sell conservative policy from your local jurisdictions right up to the White House. Expecting the top of the ticket to pull in the bottom of the ticket in some sort of coat tail effect is a perennial loser’s approach to politics that dooms the Northern Virginia GOP to failure.

Cuccinelli Wasn't Too Conservative

Matt Vespa, Red State

Did Ken Cuccinelli run a bad campaign in failing to fight hard for the issues that have worked in his favor? Did the shift away from the social issues allowe McAuliffe to run with them at will, and define Cuccinelli before he could do so himself?

More Married Women Voted Cuccinelli

Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News

Cuccinelli defeated McAuliffe among married women 51% to 42%, with Sarvis taking 7%. Cuccinelli also defeated McAuliffe among married men, 50% to 44%, with Sarvis taking 6%.

The Establishment Plays for Keeps, We Should Too

Politics in Virginia – and nationally – is now long past the ideas stage and become an all or nothing battle between principled limited government constitutional conservatives and establishment interests bent on retaining power. Unless and until we conservatives gain the same desperate will to win that the McAuliffe campaign and its allies showed in Virginia we are going to be starved for victory.

Ron Paul: Insane to Vote for Sarvis

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Ron Paul said Virginias would be "insane" if they voted for so-called libertarian Robert Sarvis. Sarvis indicated he may support a measure which requires government-tracked GPS systems in all cars. Paul said "anybody who would vote for someone who would endorse a mileage tax" is "insane" because it would be an "invasion of privacy." 

Obama Bundler Helps "Libertarian" Sarvis

Meredith Jessup, The Blaze

The Libertarian Booster PAC made the largest independent contribution to Robert Sarvis’ VA guv campaign, helping to pay for professional petition circulators who collected signatures to get him on the ballot. Billionaire Joe Liemandt is the PAC’s biggest benefactor and an Obama campaign bundler.

Liberty Voters: Send Them A Message – Vote Cuccinelli

Please forward this to your libertarian friends and contacts in Virginia. If you love liberty and want to send a message to Richmond and Washington that you want the power and intrusiveness of government curtailed there is only one candidate in the race for Governor of Virginia who may be relied upon to oppose the expansion of state power and to actually win fights for liberty, and that’s Ken Cuccinelli. 

Why This Libertarian is Voting for Ken

Please forward this to your libertarian friends and contacts in Virginia. Virginians for Life and Liberty sent out an email on Sunday endorsing Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia and urging Libertarians to vote for Cuccinelli. Jay Laze's email really nailed the reasons why electing Ken will dramatically advance the Libertarian movement in Virginia and Nationally. Recent polls show Ken is within 1-2% of winning. Libertarians who join Ron and Rand Paul in backing Ken can rightfully take the credit for electing a Pro-Liberty Governor.

Cuccinelli Charging in Virginia – Poll Shows Race a Toss-Up

With less than two weeks to go, the race is a toss-up that will likely be decided by turnout, a critical factor in an off-year election. Voting for Libertarian Robert Sarvis is a dead end; we urge limited government constitutional conservatives and other liberty loving voters to commit today to vote for Ken Cuccinelli.