Are The “Takers” Taking Over America?

On everything from subsidies for Obamacare to food stamps to Social Security Disability, the bill keeps getting bigger, but the percentage of Americans willing and able to pay it keeps getting smaller.

Farm Bill's Food Stamps Secures Votes for Dems

Ray Hartwell, American Spectator

The ongoing expansion of dependency on federal entitlements like SNAP (food stamps) not only makes its victims more likely to vote for politicians promising them more handouts, but also keeps them from looking for work and thereby counting as “unemployed” for purposes of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly employment reports.

GOP Fights for Food Stamps Work Req

Katrina Trinko, National Review Online

House R's are close to passing food-stamps legislation that would enact big cuts to the program and revive requirements that able-bodied adults also work if they receive food stamps.

AARP to Seniors: Get on Food Stamps

Caroline May, Daily Caller

PA chapter of the AARP is urging seniors to enroll in food stamps in a statewide campaign.

Will Farm Bill Sans Food Stamps Pass?

Eric Wasson, The Hill

The House will vote on the new but still bloated Farm Bill today. Boehner's feeling the heat.