Scott Walker for President

Scott Walker tries to prove he's a national contender for president

Noah Bierman, LA Times

Walker is investing time, money and organizational resources in Iowa, which holds the nation’s first presidential nominating contest and neighbors his home state. But to rise above other leading Republican candidates, he needs to show strength in other regions of the country that have early primaries, including South Carolina.

Scott Walker’s USP

A unique selling proposition or USP is “The factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition.” And in a field of 16 to 20 candidates, almost all of whom will claim to be “conservatives,” Walker has hit upon the one factor that consumers (Republican voters) are desperate to obtain and that distinguishes him from all of the others: fighting for a conservative agenda and winning.

Scott Walker: Conservative Now, Moderate later?

Tim Alberta, National Journal

The son of a conservative small-town minister who showed his son how to be "pastoral," Walker has mastered the art of governing in a manner that mobilizes the party faithful while campaigning in a way that doesn't scare off moderates, independents, and even some Democrats. This misdirection has been the source of much of Walker's political success.

Scott Walker Officially In: Can He Unite Conservatives?

On paper Scott Walker’s campaign looks like it has what it will take to unite the four legs of the conservative coalition and win the White House, but translating his on-paper advantages into a winning campaign will require Scott Walker to make a choice he has yet to face.  To gain the support of populist conservatives he must defy the GOP establishment on a number of foundational issues, such as amnesty for illegal aliens and spending, or he can cede those voters to Donald Trump and battle Jeb Bush for the GOP establishment nod.

Walker presents new test for Rubio

Niall Stanage, The Hill

“I think there is tremendous overlap between Walker and Rubio in terms of who they want to appeal to,” said Jamie Burnett, a longtime GOP strategist in New Hampshire who is personally supporting Bush but does not work for his campaign. 

Walker sets July 13 announcement, filing with FEC

Tom LoBianco, CNN

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker plans to make his White House bid official Monday, July 13, in the Milwaukee suburb Waukesha. A Walker aide with knowledge of the rollout confirmed the plan Thursday morning on condition of anonymity because no public declaration has been made yet. The aide also said that Walker will be filing paperwork with the Federal Election Commission shortly.

Walker: Why I’m Considering Running for President

Gov. Scott Walker, RedState

Over the past several months, I’ve had the privilege of traveling around the country with Our American Revival, sharing our message of how to tackle difficult problems and repeatedly win tough policy fights with bold, conservative reforms.

Scott Walker Faces Revolt Back Home

JR Ross, Politico

As Walker prepares for a presidential run, he is increasingly speaking to national audience rather than a Wisconsin one. Instead of crisscrossing Wisconsin to get his budget passed, Walker’s calendar is filling up with trips to swing states, like his visit last weekend to Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst’s “Roast and Ride,” a motorcycle-themed political fundraiser. In Wisconsin, however, GOP state lawmakers aren’t nearly as enthusiastic about an agenda some see as geared more toward what plays well at those out-of-state stops than what’s best for the people back home. 

Behind Walker, a Longstanding Conservative Alliance Against Unions

Patrick Healy and Monica Davey, The New York Times

Addressing the assembled conservatives who had laid the groundwork for his transformation from county executive to governor, Mr. Walker did not disappoint, pledging to “go big and go bold” in office. In the months that followed, he would deliver on that promise, breaking Wisconsin’s public employee unions in a bitter battle, surviving a recall effort led by angry Democrats and making his fight the centerpiece of an as-yet-unannounced presidential campaign.

Scott Walker touts charters, vouchers in New Orleans

Jessica Williams,

"School choice" typically encompasses a liberation from public school attendance zones. Advocates tend to argue that public money should finance additional options, both public and private. It was perhaps fitting, then, for the federation's gathering be in New Orleans, where the vast majority of public schools are boundary-free charters, and where still other students attend private voucher schools.

Scott Walker Woos South Carolina G.O.P. With Tough Talk on Terror

Nick Corasaniti, The New York Times

“National security is something you hear about,” Mr. Walker said. “Safety is something you feel.” He framed the debate in personal terms, describing a fear that “it is not a matter of if” but when another “attempt is made on American soil.” And then he launched into the line that got him his biggest standing ovation of the day: “I want a leader who is willing to take the fight to them before they take the fight to us.”

New Iowa poll: Scott Walker leads, Jeb Bush in 7th place

Nick Gass, Politico

Below Walker and above Bush, the race is tight between Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul at 13 percent, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 12 percent and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee at 11 percent. “More of those surveyed view Bush unfavorably than favorably, compared to Walker’s 5-1 positive ratio. And 45 percent say Bush is not conservative enough. It’s among the GOP conservative base that Bush finds himself trailing Sen. Ted Cruz, former Gov. Mike Huckabee and Sen. Rand Paul,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University poll.

Enter Scott Walker, Stage Right

Thomas B. Edsall, The New York Times

As Scott Walker has transformed himself from a three-time statewide winner in blue-leaning Wisconsin to a hard-right Republican primary candidate, he has jumped to the head of the pack in Iowa and New Hampshire. Walker hopes to stand apart from Jeb Bush, a former Florida governor, and Marco Rubio, a Florida senator, who are both taking a more centrist approach. Walker intends to stake out the right side of the Republican spectrum and trump competitors for this niche like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.


Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Shirley & Banister Public Affairs will be handling strategic communications for Walker’s Super PAC, the Unintimidated PAC, and providing historical context that will prove crucial for the campaign. Since the firm’s two partners—Craig Shirley and Diana Banister—are extraordinarily connected among major players in the conservative movement, they’ll be filling a key gap in Walker’s growing team of influential staffers.

Scott Walker Lays Out Pro American Worker Stance On Immigration

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

During an interview with Glenn Beck, Walker became the first declared or potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate to stake out a position on immigration fully in line with that of Senate Judiciary Committee subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest chairman Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL). He also noted that he has been working with Chairman Sessions on the issue to learn more about it. Walker is now the only potential or declared GOP presidential candidate to discuss the negative effects of a massive increase in legal immigration on American workers.

Koch brothers reportedly ready to back Scott Walker


Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, the influential conservative donors, have settled on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as their top choice to win the 2016 Republican nomination for U.S. president, the New York Times reported on Monday.

Walker Shines in New Hampshire

STEPHEN F. HAYES, The Weekly Standard

“Washington is 68 square miles surrounded by reality,” he said, adapting a popular conservative appraisal of Madison. Walker expanded the stump speech he had given in Iowa back in January, a coming out party of sorts, that propelled him to co-frontrunner status in national and early-state polling. The new content made clear that Walker is a hawk and that in a Walker presidency the United States would not only reengage with the world but would project its power without reservation. He called the war on radical Islam and “generational” war and scorched Barack Obama for his ambivalence on the threat. “We’re going to bring the fight to them and fight on their soil and not ours."

Scott Walker and the Establishment Republican Consultant Problem

Wednesday morning it was announced that pro-amnesty, pro-homosexual rights consultant Liz Mair is out of the Scott Walker organization, and that's good. As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie explained in his book TAKEOVERnow his challenge, and the challenge for other aspiring Republican presidential candidates, is to build a winning campaign using ideologically committed conservatives, not the rented strangers that will be pushed at them by the special interests in Washington.

Walker Declares, “I will run as a Conservative”

Paul Ebeling, Live Trading News

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, 47 anni, said Monday that Republicans do not need to moderate their views to win voter support and that he will run as a conservative if he decides to seek the Republican Party presidential nomination. “To win the center, you don’t have to go to the center. You have to lead,” Gov. Walker told conservative activists. Gov. Walker made the comment during a telephone town hall meeting with conservative activists, part of a fundraising event for Tea Party Patriots.

Gov. Walker: Who You Walk With Tells Conservatives Who You Are

If Governor Scott Walker won’t surround himself with conservatives during his campaign, why should we believe he will surround himself with conservatives in a Walker White House? “Tell me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are” is an aphorism that CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie uses regularly, and that many movement conservatives have come to believe through the hard experience of seeing promising candidates be pushed left by hiring anti-conservative staff.