Scott Walker for President

Walker Faces Flip-Flop Attacks in N.H.

David Catanese, U.S. News & World Report

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker beat back a barrage of questions Saturday insinuating that he had flip-flopped on a slate of issues, calling the charge “ridiculous.” “The only major issue out there is immigration,” Walker acknowledged. “This is one where we listened to people all across the country, particularly border governors, saw how this president messed that up. That’s an issue where I think people want leaders who are willing to listen.”


Matt Boyle, Breitbart

“Governor Walker looks forward to addressing the Western Conservative Summit and sharing the big, bold, conservative reforms he has championed in Wisconsin to achieve a more efficient and accountable government,” AshLee Strong, a spokeswoman for Walker’s Our American Revival PAC, tells Breitbart News. “The governor will address his current effort through Our American Revival to develop a positive issue-based agenda that builds on these reforms as a model for the rest of the country.”

Obama blasts Gov. Scott Walker over right-to-work

David Jackson, USA TODAY

Obama seems to be inserting himself into the Republican presidential race, blasting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker over a new state right-to-work law that prohibits requiring workers to pay union dues.

WOW! Walker Catches Bush in Florida 2016 Poll

Kevin Derby, Sunshine State News

A new poll shows Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is running in a dead heat with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in the Sunshine State as the 2016 presidential race looms.

Walker Comes Out in Support of 20 Week Federal Abortion Ban

David Knowles, Bloomberg

The Wisconsin governor said he will sign a state bill prohibiting the procedure after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and favors national legislation that does the same.

Walker Targets SC As Campaign Builds

David Knowles, Bloomberg

Fresh off appearances at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, and the Club for Growth's annual winter meeting in Palm Beach, Florida, Walker is setting his sites on South Carolina, where he will headline four fundraisers during a two-day March swing.

Scott Walker knows how to pick a fight

Jamelle Bouie, Slate

Liberal Slate Magazine understands why Scott Walker is so appealing to Republican primary voters; it is the fighting spirit. Not only is he committed to a conservative vision, he also knows who his enemies are and he’s willing to shell them into submission.

Scott Walker attacks 'elitist' critics


Walker dropped out of Marquette University in his senior year said criticism of his education is "the kind of elitist, government-knows-best, top-down approach we’ve heard for years,” Adding that President Barack Obama, who graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, has done a “lousy job.”

The Hazing of Scott Walker

James Taranto, The Wall Street Journal

Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, who since 2010 has won more elections as governor than any other Republican in America, has been making noises of late about running for president next year. Yesterday it became clear that the media regard him as a serious candidate, for a reporter asked him an unserious question. 

Scott Walker builds donor network for presidential run

Bill Glauber, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Walker's newest hire, Jenny Drucker, will serve as lead fundraising consultant. Previously she was finance director at the National Republican Congressional Committee. Ron Weiser, a former finance chairman of the Republican National Committee said Walker "has a mammoth small donor list" that was rivaled only by Sen. Rand Paul.