Senate appointment

Chris Christie’s Bum Rush

Robert Costa, National Review Online

Most New Jersey Republicans aren’t happy that Gov. Chris Christie set such an expedited primary.

Chris Christie and a Little History

Kevin Mooney, American Spectator

After his self-serving moves this week, New Jersey Repubs seem set to repeat the mistakes of 1994.

Christie Chooses October Special

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

Christie’s call for an October special election makes GOP retention of the seat that much harder.

Is NJ Governor Chris Christie Thinking About 2016?

Conservatives must help Governor Christie understand that if he chooses a reliable limited-government constitutional conservative to fill the New Jersey Senate vacancy, it will help him in 2016. You can help make this point to Governor Christie. Call the Governor’s office (the number in Trenton is 609-292-6000) and invite him to walk with conservatives and urge him to appoint a limited-government constitutional conservative to fill the unexpired term of New Jersey’s senior Senator.

Senate Choice Could Help Christie

Scott Conroy, Real Clear Politics

Gov. Chris Christie has a chance to get back into the good graces of conservatives and Republicans.