Senate races

The Six Hottest Senate Races For Conservatives

At a major meeting of conservative leaders yesterday, some of the movement’s best political minds handicapped the Senate races with us, and this is where we see the hottest conservative campaigns as of today.

Obamacare hikes hit states with close Senate races

Robert King, Washington Examiner

Some states with tight Senate races are seeing their Obamacare rates climbing next year even more than the average 22 percent increase announced by the Obama administration on Monday, as Republicans use the spikes to try to get the upper hand in a close battle for control of the chamber.

Rising Trump Lifts All Republican Boats

Brendan Kirby, Lifezette

Three embattled Republican senators have opened up substantial leads on their Democratic challengers, new polling by Quinnipiac University suggests, discrediting assertions from pundits that Donald Trump will be Kryptonite in down-ballot races.

Rumors of a GOP Senate Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Amelia Chasse, Real Clear Politics

Polling data is one of several stubborn realities undermining the conventional wisdom that the Republican majority is in more trouble than it would be in any competitive election year.

GOP Sen. Majority Is Possible

Kyle Kondik, Univ. of Virginia Center for Politics

R’s have an edge in SD, WV, and Mont. Sen. races. With those wins, R’s are halfway to the needed 6-seat gain.

Conservatives: It’s the Primaries Stupid

The only time conservatives lose is when we don’t fight. The 2014 Republican primary elections are your opportunity to bring change to Washington, D.C. -- and to get in the fight, conservatives must first file and then run as limited-government constitutional conservatives.