Shaun Kenney

The Conservative Case for Corey Stewart Is Clear As a Bell

I see Tim Kaine and other Democrats as dangerous to America’s future, and harmful to people of all races. I see the unconstitutional acts of the deep state, the national debt, and the degradation of our Judeo-Christian values as far more dangerous than anything Corey Stewart could do as senator, if one were to believe the worst things said about him.

VA GOP Official Who Dissed Anti-Amnesty R's Skips Ingraham Show

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

Virginia Repub. Party exec. dir. Shaun Kenney was a “no show” to Laura Ingraham’s radio show. Ingraham was prepared to question him about his statements that conservatives who oppose amnesty are afraid of “The Other” and that “nativists” should be driven out of the GOP.