South Carolina Senate Race

Lindsey Graham Wins Primary

James Hohmann, Politico

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham won his Republican primary, cruising past the 50% threshold to avoid a runoff against his tea party-inspired challengers. He faced six Republican challengers in the Palmetto State.

Giving Lindsey Graham Grief

Reid Smith, American Spectator

Conservatives are lining up for Graham's Senate seat. But if S. Carolina conservatives are to defeat Graham, they must first coalesce around a single candidate. They must organize the opposition. And time is running out. 

Graham Opponent Connor Gets Tea Party Nod

The Times & Democrat Staff

Joe Dugan, the founder and executive producer of the S.C. Tea Party Coalition Convention, has endorsed Bill Connor for Senate against Lindsey Graham. Dugan said, “I believe Connor will never sacrifice principle over politics because those principles are embedded in his character and integrity.”

Graham Plays Two-Face Politics

Streiff, Red State

Lindsey Graham has followed the estab. R's playbook – talk conservative at home but help Dems in DC – for years. It's catching up with him. WaPo revealed his threat to block Obama nominees until Benghazi survivors were allowed to speak to be nothing but a kabuki theater aimed at helping his electoral chances.

Graham Tanking in Polls

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Lindsey Graham has dropped to below 50% in the polls, meaning he is particularly vulnerable to a runoff strategy conservatives have employed against him.

Strong Tea Party Challenger for Graham

David Catanese, Daily Beast

SC Tea Party candidate Nancy Mace (the first female to graduate from the Citadel) announced her primary challenge to Graham.