Star Parker

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie Receives IMPACT Awards Lifetime Achievement Award

The awards recognized outstanding efforts of unsung warriors in numerous fields outside of government service. The honorees were recognized for making notable contributions to preserving America’s liberties with their life work.

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen Accuses Conservative Pro-Life Black Woman of ‘Ignorance’ in Abortion Debate Over Heartbeat Bill

Wendy Wilson, The Tennessee Star

Democrat Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen on Wednesday accused an African-American conservative activist (Star Parker) who testified about abortion’s harmful effects on the black community of “ignorance” with respect to the sincerity of his positions on social problems and an “inability” to appropriately address Congress.

Star Parker's Confession On Her Crusade To End Abortion

Kate Scanlon, Daily Signal

While speaking at ProLifeCon at the Family Research Council, columnist Star Parker called abortion a “crime against humanity,” & lamented the 4 children she aborted before her conversion to Christianity.

Tea Party Feeling 'Birth Pains,' Not Death

Star Parker,

The tea party is on its way in, not on its way out. Change is hard and doesn't happen overnight. The undeniable facts are that America has huge problems, that these problems have been growing and festering for years while being ignored by our political class in Washington, and the people are unhappy with the state of affairs.

TeaParty Has Solution to Econ Woes

Star Parker, GOP USA

The Tea Party is not the problem to our economic woes. It's call to hold Congress' power of the purse as the Constitution outlines is the solution. Let's just hope GOP leaders dont go weak-kneed.

2 Black Dems Become Republicans

Star Parker, WND

Louisiana politicians Ralph Washington and Elbert Guillary found a party that matches their values.