Supreme Court same-sex 'marriage' case

Kim Davis, the Ky. clerk who refuses to issue same-sex "marriage" licenses

Sarah Kaplan and James Higdon

Kim Davis was narrowly voted into office last November. Her mother had been county clerk for nearly 40 years before her, and for 26 of them Davis had worked under her as deputy. She wasn’t looking to shake things up, she told the Morehead News at the time. She just wanted to do a good job. An Apostolic Christian, Davis says that her refusal to license same-sex "marriage" is “a Heaven or Hell decision.”

Rainbow Jihad Launches Religious War In America

It’s time to say plainly that the Left’s campaign against believing Christians and Jews isn’t just a public policy disagreement anymore. Much like ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the Left has escalated their campaign against believers into a war to extirpate Judeo-Christian religious belief and practice from the geography they occupy and all of America is now the target in their Rainbow Jihad.

Patriot County Clerks Defy Supreme Court On Same-Sex “Marriage”

While state governors, other than Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, have been reluctant to declare they will resist the Supreme Court’s recent anti-constitutional ruling on same-sex “marriage,” at the local level public officials are exercising their religious liberty, and standing for state prerogatives under the Constitution, by declaring they will not be bound by the Supreme Court’s same-sex “marriage” mandate. 

Same-sex marriage opponents refuse to give up fight

David Millward, The (UK) Telegraph

The Supreme Court judgment which legalised same-sex marriage across the United States is facing a backlash from conservative and Christian groups. Legislators in some states are drawing up proposals to weaken the ruling, while elsewhere same-sex marriage opponents are creating administrative roadblocks to try to prevent same-sex weddings taking place.

Cruz on Supreme Court: The Justices 'Put on an Obama Jersey'

NBC's Meet The Press

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, argued on NBC's "Meet the Press" that members of the Supreme Court "put on an Obama jersey" by voting to uphold the Affordable Care Act and strike down restrictions on same sex marriage. "It is the justices who have politicized the Court," claimed the republican presidential contender.

Obergefell’s Threat to Religious Liberty

Adam Freedman, City Journal

Despite what the newspaper headlines say, the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges did not “legalize” same-sex marriage. It mandated same-sex marriage, something very different. 

Stand And Fight The Same-Sex "Marriage" Mandate

Observant Christians and Jews will be particularly put to the test and some, such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, have already caved-in to the demands of the secular left that they abandon their beliefs and accept the Supreme Court’s decision as final. Others, such as we here at CHQ, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, our friends at the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage, and others, see the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex “marriage” for what it is – a profoundly political decision that can be undone through political means.

Most states to abide by Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling, but...

Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN

Same-sex marriage was already allowed in 37 states and the District of Columbia. Now, as wedding bells ring across much of the nation, here's a look at the states that have been less than enthusiastic about the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges.

Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Starts New Religious Freedom War

Kelly Shakleford and Ken Blackwell, IBD

Observant Christians — and adherents of other faiths — are reeling from the Supreme Court's declaration of a constitutional right to same-sex marriage and preparing for an unprecedented struggle for their right to express their beliefs and live their lives accordingly, as new battles will now be waged unless and until a future Supreme Court reverses course.

Marriage decision won't silence critics

Christine M. Flowers,

Those who oppose same-sex marriage are now susceptible to lawsuits even if their objections are based on legitimate religious or moral principle. The First Amendment is a mighty thing, but we have seen how this court's fluid majority can circumvent its mandated protections.

U.S. marriage ruling puts Orthodox Jews on collision course with American law

Seth Lipsky, Haaretz

In the Supreme Court's landmark decision on same-sex "marriage," the majority shockingly made no mention of the constitutional right to free exercise of religion - no wonder that religious Christian and Orthodox Jewish groups are worried.

Be the Best Saboteur You Can Be

Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish Blog

There is a Republican Party. The purpose of the party and its politicians, much like that of its Democratic counterpart, is to obtain money and privileges for its major donors. Expecting them to care as much about your issues as you do is unrealistic. They will only do the right thing insofar as it helps them do certain things which Greenfield lists in this article.

Supreme Court Mandates Same-Sex Marriage

In a ruling sure to spark a wave of protests and civil disobediance, the U.S. Supreme Court has issued a decision mandating same-sex marriage that upends millennia of history and guts the rule of law. The 5-4 decision redefines marriage and strips states of their authority to define marriage as between one man and one woman. More on this developing story will be posted as the implications of the decision become clearer.

Southern Baptists: We won’t obey gay marriage decision

Craig Schneider, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Officials with the Southern Baptist Convention today issued a statement saying they will reject any ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that affirms same-sex marriage. “We will not accept, nor adhere to, any legal redefinition of marriage issued by any political or judicial body including the United States Supreme Court,” said the joint statement by SBC President Rev. Ronnie Floyd as well as past presidents.