Suzanne Scholte

Three Crucial Conservative House Races: Bongino in MD, Garcia in NH, Scholte in VA

Principled conservative challengers Dan Bongino in MD-6, Marilinda Garcia in NH-2 and Suzanne Scholte in VA-11 are in deadheat races for Congress.In each of these races principled conservative candidates have brought underfunded grassroots campaigns within striking distance of liberal House allies of Barack Obama with little or no support from the National Republican Congressional Committee -- if conservatives work relentlessly from now until the polls close on Nov. we can put them over the top.

NoVa Conservatives Host 11th Dist Congressional Candidate Suzanne Scholte

A key group of Northern Virginia's leading conservative women hosted a reception for VA-11 Republican candidate Suzanne Scholte at the McLean home of Maiselle Dolan Shortley.