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Primary Opposition Organizes Against CRomnibus Supporter Diane Black (R-TN-6)

After voting herself a $1,000 a month for a car allowance and giving her banker friends a potential $303 trillion taxpayer guarantee if derivatives go south again Tennessee Representative Diane Black (TN-6) is the first Republican to see organized opposition due to her support for the "CRomnibus." We urge you to go to BEAT DIANE BLACK and make a contribution or sign-up to attend a meeting. 

Sessions: A Tea Partyer Before Tea Party Was Cool

Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times

Sen. Jeff Sessions is quietly building a record of conservatism. He "clearly a Republican who understands the issues and understands the fight to reduce government," according to the founder of Tea Party Nation.

Herring Impeachment Effort Gathering Steam

Our friend Judson Phillips at Tea Party Nation has a great take on the growing movement to impeach Virginia’s newly sworn-in Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring.  In Judson’s analysis Democrats usually need at least a couple of months to do something that merits impeachment. Herring is ahead of the curve because he is refusing to defend the State’s Constitution. Sign and share the petition to impeach Mark Herring now.

Tea Party Nation Endorses Joe Carr: Race to Take Out Senator Lamar Alexander Building

Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation, says at TPN, they refer to Senator Lamar Alexander as ‘Liberal Lamar’ because he votes with Barack Obama more often than he votes the way the people of Tennessee want him to vote. Phillips says Joe Carr is a patriot and a great candidate and urges Tennessee conservatives to unite behind Carr as the candidate to defeat Alexander.