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Trump’s New York Values: The Poster Boy For Debasing American Culture

This is the second in a series of four articles on Donald Trump's "New York values" by Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
Trump’s history of being a leader in glamorizing vulgarity isn’t ancient history or a business venture of his youth that he abandoned once he made his money. In 2013, Trump's Taj Mahal casino in New Jersey was the first in the country to include a strip club, complete with "modified lap dancing" and a "male revue" for women.  (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: You can get a very mild taste of the Taj Mahal show through this link.)

Trump booed by SC tea partiers as he unloads on Ted Cruz

Todd J. Gillman, The Dallas Morning News

Among the tea partiers, both Cruz and Trump got enthusiastic receptions, so the attack didn’t sit well with many of those at the tea party convention. “He sort of stepped in it,” said Mary Severns, 72, a travel agent from Beaufort, S.C. “There’s a lot of support in this room for Cruz.”

A guide to what Ted Cruz wants to abolish, bar or change

Katie Zezima, The Washington Post

The Texas Republican is going to be talking to a lot of voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada over the next month -- he's embarking on a five-day bus tour in New Hampshire on Monday -- so let's take a look at what he'd get rid of or change.

Donald Trump Gets Personal in Attacks on Ted Cruz at Tea Party Convention

Alex Rappeport, The New York Times

The crowd booed when Trump attacked Cruz in South Carolina. “I was happy to see Ted stand up to Donald,” said a Mr. Anderko, “I think Trump is scared in Iowa.”

Ted Cruz is Natural Born under Originalism

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, Esq., The American Thinker

The people who question whether Ted Cruz is eligible to be president under the Natural Born Citizen clause fall into two categories: the sincere and the opportunists. This essay is for the sincere.

Horowitz: Cruz Schlongs Trump, Trump Schlongs Jeb

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

Nobody has really attacked Trump from the right and exposed his lack of command of both the Constitution and conservative values.  Cruz finally did that last night and Trump was left sputtering.  He was lacking any good come-back lines for the first time in the race.

How the Second Amendment ‘Proves’ Ted Cruz’s Eligibility

Ken Klukowski & Joel Pollack, Breitbart

A correct originalist reading of the Natural Born Clause compels the conclusion that Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen under Article II of the Constitution, and therefore eligible.

New Iowa Poll Shows Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in Tight Battle

Ryan Struyk, ABC News

Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are locked in a tight battle for the lead in Iowa, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released today. Just three weeks from the crucial, first-in-the-nation contest, real estate mogul Donald Trump earns 31 percent support in the poll. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has 29 percent support -- within the poll's margin of error. Third place finisher Marco Rubio has a mere 15 percent, half the level of support Trump and Cruz hold.


Hans von Spakovsky, Conservative Review

The First Congress, which included many of the Framers of the Constitution, codified who is a natural born citizen. A mere three years after the Constitution was drafted, they passed the Naturalization Act of 1790, which specified that the children of U.S. citizens born “out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens.”  The modern version of this Act is found at 8 U.S.C. §1401. It contains a list of all individuals who are considered “nationals and citizens of the United States at birth.” 

Cruz: Establishment In 'Full Panic Mode'

Samantha-Jo Roth, Huffington Post

Sen. Ted Cruz says he thinks John McCain questioning his citizenship is an indication that the political establishment is in "full panic mode," and that the Arizona Republican senator's real motivation is that he secretly supports Marco Rubio for the Republican nomination.

Why Ted Cruz is a “natural born citizen”

Randy Barnett, The Washington Post

“Under U.S. law, the fact that Cruz was born to a U.S. citizen mother makes him a citizen from birth. In other words, he is a ‘natural born citizen’ (as opposed to a naturalized citizen) and is constitutionally eligible.” I wish only to add that this conclusion is also theoretically justified by a proper conception of popular sovereignty.

Cruz Raises Nearly $20 Million Over Last 3 Months of 2015

Jill Colvin, Real Clear Politics

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz's campaign said Wednesday it has raised nearly $20 million over the last three months, a large haul that further cements the Texas senator's status as a serious contender for the nomination heading into the Iowa caucuses.

It’s Time for Candidates to Discuss the Enemy Within

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

When Congress returns in January, there will be a robust debate over the authorization of use of military force (AUMF) in Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS.  But while we debate a bunch of lousy options and the potential cost of lives and billions of dollars arming our enemies in endless Islamic civil wars, the politicians in both parties will never discuss the enemy within the United States.  This is where the presidential candidates must lead by example. 

CNN Christmas Gift to Conservatives: Cruz 48%, Hillary 46%

Jennifer Agiesta, CNN Polling Director

Republicans enjoy a 9 point "enthusiasm gap" over Democrats and while Trump leads GOP field by double digits he loses to Hillary. Cruz while running second in GOP field, beats Hillary 48% to 46%.

Trump’s Biggest Donors – Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

The passage of the Obama - Ryan - McConnell omnibus killed whatever hope Jeb Bush and the other establishment candidates might have had to regain some momentum going into the Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina contests. The only remaining question for conservatives and Republicans to answer is whether they choose the incendiary and unpredictable commentary of Mr. Trump or the proven limited government constitutional conservatism of Senator Cruz to represent them in the contest against Hillary Clinton in November.

Cruz Christmas Classics

Senator Ted Cruz

Here's a link to a series of great classic Christmas tales as retold by Senator Ted Cruz and his family.

Cruz Sharpens Tone While on Tour

Matt Flegenheimer, The New York Times

The good stuff is near the end of this article describing a Ted Cruz rally with a standing-room crowd listening raptly as Senator Jeff Sessions outlined Mr. Cruz’s role in the 2013 fight over immigration reform and rising for several ovations during the candidate’s stump speech.

Rush Blasts Trump For ‘Establishment’ Attack On Cruz

Steve Guest, The Daily Caller

Conservative talk radio superstar Rush Limbaugh criticized Donald Trump’s recent attack on Sen. Ted Cruz as “no different” than what the Republican establishment or the media would say in attacking the Texas Republican.

Rubio’s Weirdly Lazy Campaign for President

Daniel Larison, The American Conservative
Because Rubio hasn’t been able to raise much money, he hasn’t been able to build the sort of campaign organization that winning candidates typically have, but he also isn’t barnstorming the early states as long-shot candidates with few resources have to do in order to compete. He is taking his support for granted, and he doesn’t seem to be working very hard at winning over new supporters.

Will Elites Blow Up the GOP?

Patrick Buchanan, Real Clear Politics

That Republican elites would sit around a dinner table on Capitol Hill and discuss how to frustrate the rising rebellion against what they have done to America, and decide among themselves who shall lead us, is astonishing. To borrow from the Gipper, they are not the solution to our problems. They are the problem.