Ted Cruz for President

Ted Cruz Gets a Boost in Mississippi From a Tea Party Stalwart Chris McDaniel

Nick Corasanti, The New York Times

State Senator Chris McDaniel, who dragged Senator Thad Cochran into a primary runoff election last year and worried some Republican leaders that his brand of conservatism may hurt the party’s chances of winning the Senate, joined Mr. Cruz for the Mississippi leg of Mr. Cruz’s weeklong “Cruz Country” bus tour.

For Cruz, Southern Push One Part of Long Game

Patrick Svitek, The Texas Tribune

Ted Cruz is spending the week in southern states like Tennessee, making the case to voters over gravy-soaked biscuits, fried chicken and sweet tea that they will have an outsized say in nominating the GOP’s 2016 presidential candidate.


Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart

On a national grassroots call hosted by Mark Meckler, tea party leader and founder of Citizens for Self Governance, Texas Senator Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) came out as the clear early favorite of national grassroots leaders. The call included over 100 tea party leaders and some former country Republican Party officials from 33 states including the early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

Ted Cruz sizzles up 'machine-gun bacon'

Mark Fahey & Nicholas Wells, CNBC

A campaign video posted Monday features the Texas senator and GOP presidential hopeful firing off several rounds from a bacon-wrapped AR-15 rifle, and then eating the bacon. "Mmm, machine-gun bacon," Cruz says after taking a bite from a plastic fork.

Ted Cruz Nails Obama Admin. Officials on Iran

Jason Howerton, The Blaze

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) confronted Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz during a Wednesday Senate committee hearing on the Iran nuclear deal, resulting in some tense moments. Tensions swelled even more when Cruz pressed Moniz on the possible threat of Iran using an electromagnetic pulse to attack the United States. Moniz grew visibly frustrated after Cruz quoted him, making it appear as if he wasn’t aware of EMPs.

GOP Senators Slam Cruz for Calling McConnell Liar on Senate Floor

Greg Richter, Newsmax

Sens. Orrin Hatch of Utah, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and John Cornyn of Texas all took to the floor during a rare Sunday session to denounce Cruz before advancing the Ex-Im amendment on a 67-26 vote. Cruz responded moments later, saying he agreed with Hatch's call for civility and decorum. But, he said, "speaking the truth about actions is entirely consistent with civility."

FLASH: Brent Bozell Endorses Ted Cruz for President

“We need more than a 'campaign conservative', we need a consistent conservative who has led the fights important to us”

L. Brent Bozell III, President of the Conservative Victory Committee

Ted Cruz shutsdown peace activists outside White House

Andy Sullivan, Reuters

Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz engaged antiwar activists on Thursday in a spirited debate outside the White House over the Iran nuclear deal, offering a rare moment of spontaneity in the U.S. presidential race. "Hold on a second - you want to yell and scream? Come forward," said Cruz, who invited Code Pink leader Medea Benjamin to debate him on the merits of the deal.

Politicians: “You’re either for Americans, or you’re not.”

“This was our family’s 9/11 terrorist attack by a foreign invader, whether you want to recognize it or whether you do not… Americans are dying daily at the hands of criminals that we don’t even know are here… You cannot stand by and ignore us… Your silence speaks volumes. You’re either for Americans, or you’re not.” 

Ms. Laura Wilkerson of Pearland, Texas, Mother of Josh Wilkerson, killed by an illegal alien

Ted Cruz stood with the victims of illegal alien crime and their families when he introduced "Kate's Law," what will other politicians do?

Why Ted Cruz Won’t Attack Donald Trump

Patrick Howley, The Daily Caller

Cruz’s fundraising allows him to act like the conservative front-runner. A Trump-Cruz battle in the primary would be too divisive for November voters. While both candidates have a lot of fans, they also have a lot of detractors. The last thing Cruz and Trump need is a battle of personalities between each other — especially when they agree on most issues. Too much Cruz-Trump back-and-forth during the primary, and independents will be turned off by November.

Cruz Scores Bridenstine Endorsement

Ted Cruz scored a major coup over the weekend when he picked-up the endorsement of principled limited government Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine. Bridenstine says "Beating Hillary Clinton requires a Republican nominee who will energize all elements of the Republican Party: fiscal conservatives, national security conservatives, values voters, and constitutional conservatives" and Ted Cruz is the candidate to do it.

Ted Cruz Looks for His Iowa Moment

Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg

While Republican firebrand Donald Trump has seized control of news headlines over the past few weeks, it's Texas Senator Ted Cruz who may be poised for a breakout moment on the campaign trail, particularly after impressing conservatives over the weekend in the key state of Iowa.

Cruz: I 'salute' Trump for discussing immigration

Jeff Cox, CNBC

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz backed the general sentiments of Donald Trump's broadside against illegal Mexican immigrants, though he said he would use different words. "To be clear, what I salute him for is focusing on the problems of illegal immigration," said Cruz.

Only Three of Twenty Presidential Candidates Are Message Carriers

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

The three message carriers; Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have different messages, but they have one thing in common – voting for them is a clear rejection of the status quo in their parties, and in the conduct of the federal government.

Cruz Picks a Winning Book Fight With New York Times

Alex Altman, Time

The newspaper has said it would omit the Texas Republican’s new memoir, A Time for Truth, from its bestsellers’ list. The book has sold 12,000 copies since its release on June 30, according to Nielsen Bookscan data provided to TIME. That’s enough to rank the volume among the top few nonfiction hardcovers.

New York Times Discriminates Against Ted Cruz book

Dylan Byers, Politico

The New York Times' refusal to put Ted Cruz's memoir on its bestseller list is once again being called into question — this time by Amazon, the largest Internet retailer in the country. On Sunday, an Amazon spokesperson told the On Media blog that the company's sales data showed no evidence of unusual bulk purchase activity for the Texas senator's memoir, casting further doubt on the Times' claim that the book — "A Time For Truth" — had been omitted from its list because sales had been driven by "strategic bulk purchases."

Guess What Ted Cruz’s Favorite Movie Is?

Christopher N. Malagisi, Townhall

Townhall's exclusive Author Interview with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), covers a lot more than Cruz's favorite movie.

Cruz SCOTUS Retention Election Idea

Jonathan Zimmerman, Special to Dallas Morning News

Whatever you think of the Ted Cruz plan to control the Supreme Court, don’t dismiss him as crazy; he’s doing precisely what other politicians, such as Teddy Roosevelt and FDR have done. And if his proposal goes down in flames, as it’s likely to do, remember that even failed attacks on the Court can affect its behavior. The justices are political creatures, as Ted Cruz correctly noted last week. And they are watching.

Chris Christie, Ted Cruz tangle continues

Asbury Park (NJ) Press

Cruz in a radio interview Tuesday said he “is going to sing Chris Christie’s praises’’ despite being criticized by Christie during a Fox News appearance.

Cruz, Huckabee Go Head-to-Head for Evangelical Votes

Bill Barrow, Associated Press

Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee went head-to-head for evangelical votes Sunday, telling a megachurch congregation in Georgia that God favors the United States but warning that the nation is on a perilous spiritual path because of actions like the Supreme Court decision mandating same-sex marriage in all 50 states.