Ted Cruz principled limited government constitutional conservative

Cruz ups war of words with Rubio

Jonathan Easley, The Hill

Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday night politely complimented GOP presidential rival Sen. Marco Rubio as a “charming” communicator, and then he laid into him as wrong on national security, weak on immigration and a shill for corporate lobbyists.

Cruz Excoriates Rubio - Clinton Foreign Policy

Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg

Ted Cruz on Monday offered his strongest denunciation so far of Marco Rubio's foreign policy views, assailing his Republican presidential rival as a proponent of “military adventurism” that he said has benefited Islamic militant groups. He even tied the Floridian to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Cruz: Colorado Shooter ‘Transgendered Leftist Activist’

Breitbart News

When a reporter told the Texas senator that the suspect allegedly made a comment about “baby parts” while being arrested, Cruz countered, “It’s also been reported that he was registered as an independent and a woman and transgendered leftist activist, if that’s what he is.”

Regardless of Canadian birth, Ted Cruz survives ballot challenge in New Hampshire

Todd J. Gilman, The Dallas Morning News

The New Hampshire ballot commission rejected efforts to kick Canada-born Sen. Ted Cruz off the primary ballot based on his birth outside the United States.

Ted Cruz’s Strategy

Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast

Ted Cruz is within the margin of error of Donald Trump in Iowa. It’s Trump 25 and Cruz 23, but as we will see further down, other numbers from the poll suggest that Cruz is well positioned to win what might now be a two-man race in the Hawkeye State.

Ted Cruz, on the attack

Theodore Schleifer, CNN

For months, Ted Cruz wore a cloak in the Republican race, organizing pastors on the ground here and raising serious cash, but somehow avoiding detection or tangling with other candidates. That's over.

Rep. Steve King Says Ted Cruz 'The Answer to my Prayers'

Vaughn Hillyard & Danny Freeman, NBC News

Rep. Steve King of Iowa, the seven-term, social-conservative congressman and longtime immigration critic, threw his support behind the senator's presidential run on Monday — just over two months from the Iowa caucuses. "I believe that Ted Cruz is the candidate who is the answer to my prayers — a candidate God will use to restore the soul of America," King said at the announcement in Des Moines.

Ted Cruz master plan could win him the White House

Andrew Romano, Yahoo! Politics

Cruz is running what even Dan Pfeiffer, a former top aide to President Obama, concedes is “the best campaign on the other side.” He has raised more money than any Republican other than Jeb Bush and more non-PAC money than any other Republican, period; he also has more cash on hand than any of his GOP rivals. 

Dean Clancy: Ted Cruz for President

Dean Clancy, DeanClancy.com

I don’t buy that Ted Cruz is too conservative or too divisive to win a general election. They said that about Reagan too. If anything, Cruz’s anti-Beltway Cartel message may hold some appeal for Democrats, if, as expected, their nominee is the very face of that cartel, the female version of Richard Nixon.

Fox Poll: All Top Tier Republicans Beat Hillary

Dana Blanton, Fox News

In the latest Fox News poll Ted Cruz bests Hillary Clinton by four (45-41 percent), Jeb Bush is ahead of Clinton by six points (45-39 percent).  She trails both Ben Carson (47-42 percent) and Donald Trump (46-41 percent) by five, even Chris Christie has a three-point edge (46-43 percent) and Marco Rubio beats Clintton 50 percent to Clinton’s 42 percent.

Ted Cruz wins endorsement of Ginni Thomas

Eli Watkins, CNN

The Cruz campaign announced Tuesday the endorsement of Virginia "Ginni" Thomas, a high-profile conservative activist and the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Cruz Fought Amnesty, Rubio Fought Conservatives

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

Instead of working with conservatives, Rubio and his office coordinated attacks on conservatives together with liberals.  Even after all of his promises were exposed as pure fabrications, he still went on to star in ads for Mark Zuckerberg touting his bill as something it was not.

Ted Cruz Makes Hatred From Establishment Part Of His Brand

Katie Zezima and David Weigel, The Washington Post

The senator and presidential candidate seems to relish the fact that so many fellow Republicans love to hate him. On the trail, the Texas Republican fondly recounts his skirmishes. His campaign blasts out fundraising e-mails quoting the critical words. When Boehner called Cruz a jackass, his campaign’s solicitation quoted him as saying, “I will wear it as a badge of honor because I refuse to join their club.” 


AWR Hawkins, Breitbart

Ted Cruz was speaking at a campaign event in Iowa when he addressed the precarious position in which our gun rights sit. According to the Des Moines Register, Cruz said, “One more liberal justice and our right to keep and bear arms [will be] taken away from us by an activist court.” Cruz's message was that electing another administration that abhors the Second Amendment as Obama does will all but guarantee another liberal justice on the Supreme Court. That, in turn, will guarantee decisions aimed at hampering or abolishing the exercise of Second Amendment rights.

Rush Limbaugh is right: Ted Cruz is most-principled candidate

Steve Deace, The Washington Times

“If you’re looking for the Republican candidate who is the most steadfastly opposed to liberalism, whose agenda is oriented towards stopping it, thwarting it, and defeating it – it’s Ted Cruz,” Mr. Limbaugh recently said on his popular radio program. Let the record show that as usual, Rush is right.

Cruz vs. McConnell and Boehner

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Sen. Ted Cruz is gearing up for another showdown with Republican leaders in Congress. Cruz’s message is simple and a repeat of 2013’s: President Obama and the Democrats will deserve blame for a shutdown, not Republicans.

Cruz Scores Bridenstine Endorsement

Ted Cruz scored a major coup over the weekend when he picked-up the endorsement of principled limited government Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine. Bridenstine says "Beating Hillary Clinton requires a Republican nominee who will energize all elements of the Republican Party: fiscal conservatives, national security conservatives, values voters, and constitutional conservatives" and Ted Cruz is the candidate to do it.

Influential Texas Conservative Backs Ted Cruz

Bob Ellis, The American Clarion

Influential Judge Paul Pressler has come out in support of Ted Cruz. From the Washington Post: “I feel that Ted Cruz is electable and he stands by his convictions in an articulate manner,” Pressler said in an interview Saturday. “If you sit down and listen to him you’ll see a passion, you’ll see a dedication to principles, you’ll see a person that understands the issues and can articulate them very well. And I think it’s something that people will listen to,” Pressler said.