Tennessee Senate Race

Tennessee May Soon Have a Physician Senator Who’s the Son of Indian Immigrants

John Fund, National Review

The race may come down to which candidate projects the greatest authenticity with conservatives. Hagerty, who initially backed Jeb Bush for president in 2016, swung over to Trump and has the president’s confidence. But Sethi appears to be sweeping most of the conservative bench. Mark Levin endorsed Sethi by saying: “I have kids who live in Tennessee. If I lived there, I would be voting for him. His opponent is tied so closely to Romney, that if he gets into the Senate, you know damn well what will happen.” Sethi has also been endorsed by Senator Rand Paul as well as by Zach Wamp, Ed Bryant, and John Duncan Jr.

Blackburn Scores Big in First Tennessee Senatorial Debate

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

I felt a bit sorry for Bredesen. I'm willing to accept local talk that he was a decent mayor and governor. I think he actually believes he can "make a difference" in a party that, for some time now, has been running off the partisan rails. But watching the lockstep near Stalin-like behavior of the Democrats at the Kavanauagh hearings, you realize joining that crew thinking you could change them is like joining the Politburo in the Thirties for the same reason.  That's how people got shot. Oh, by the way, Marsha supports Brett.  Phil is waiting to see.

Tennessee Waltz: How Marsha Blackburn Can Stop Phil Bredesen

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Blackburn might be so bold as to acknowledge Bredesen's local competence to the public, at least relatively.   Who knows -- the electorate might appreciate a little honesty from a politician for once.  Yes, the man was decent enough here (there are quibbles) but Washington, D.C. is a whole different ball of proverbial wax, to say the least.  He cannot be his own man, no matter what he says or wishes.  The system is no longer built that way, especially the Democrat part of the system where it's a competition between left and far left.

The Tea Party After Tennessee: Swinging Like Babe Ruth And Building A Movement

The Tea Party is building a movement, and they get the lesson of Babe Ruth’s 1927 season.

Alexander Claims He Voted to 'End Amnesty,' Against Obama Immigration Bill

Michael Warren, Weekly Standard

TN Sen. Lamar Alexander is making his final pitch to primary voters with a radio ad in which he claims he has voted to "end amnesty" for illegal immigrants. Alexander has been hit hard on the issue of immigration by his chief GOP challenger, Joe Carr, ahead of Thursday's primary.

Tennessee: If You Want Amnesty for Millions of Illegal Aliens Vote Lamar Alexander

Tennessee's incumbent establishment Republican Senator Lamar Alexander will fight Obama on executive amnesty the same way Mitt Romney fought Obama on Obamacare – he won’t. Vote Joe Carr in today's Tennessee Republican Primary Election.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do Today To Save America

Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, who has voted with President Obama more than just about any other Republican, faces a primary challenge from principled limited government constitutional conservative Joe Carr  on Thursday and even if you don't live in Tennessee you can help.

Tea Party Sen. Candidates Look for Cantor-style Upsets

Fox News Staff

Tea Party-backed candidates Dr. Milton Wolf and Joe Carr this week are hoping to follow in the footsteps of a little-known economics professor named Dave Brat who stunned the establishment with his primary win over then-House GOP Leader Eric Cantor, as they target GOP incumbent senators in KS & TN. 

TEA Party's Carr Looks to Ride Anti-Amnesty Wave Past Alexander

Charlie Spiering, Breitbart

Like Dave Brat, Joe Carr has focused on Lamar Alexander’s record of supporting immigration reform, which the campaign sees as his Achilles heel. “There’s no question it’s his greatest weakness, because it’s my greatest strength,” Carr said.

TEA Party Org to Spend $20K for Joe Carr

Chas Sisk, The Tennessean

A conservative political action committee announced Wednesday that it will assist efforts to defeat U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander with a get-out-the-vote campaign in favor of Rep. Joe Carr, one of the senator’s six primary challengers.

Laura Ingraham: "I'm all in for Joe Carr"

Laura Ingraham was one of the very first national voices who felt that Joe Carr's campaign against Lamar Alexander's brazen support of amnesty was credible and viable. Now Laura is "all in for Joe Carr" and so are we.

Joe Carr Ad Hits Alexander on Support for Amnesty

Incumbent establishment Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee voted in favor of amnesty, now Joe Carr, his opponent in the Republican Primary has released a powerful ad reminding voters that Alexander's support of amnesty paved the way for our current border crisis.

The Next Dave Brat?

Steven Shepard, Politico

Underdog GOP candidates such as Chris McDaniel, Joe Carr, and Milton Wolf want to dethrone establishment incumbents in the 2014 elections.

Sarah Palin and Joe Carr Fight for American Workers, Oppose Amnesty

Sarah Palin and Joe Carr, the principled limited government constitutional conservative candidate in Tennessee’s Republican Senate primary, are two of the few public figures fighting the real Obama-caused crisis the invasion of our southern border is creating for American workers and their families. On June 26th Palin will headline an "America's Last Stand" Tea Party rally in Eastern Tennessee at the Sevierville Convention Center.

Lamar Alexander Amnesty Vote Encouraged Illegal Alien Invasion

Joe Carr has nailed the crisis that incumbent Republican Senator Lamar Alexander's vote for amnesty has helped create: it is a crisis for American workers and their children who will be entering the job market in competition with the illegal aliens flooding our southern border.

GOP Establishment Plays Games: America Loses

The Republican establishment is playing games to stay in power, and the losers in the game are the people of Tennessee, you the American taxpayer, and your children and grandchildren.

Joe Carr: Ready for Conservative War

Tennessee Gal, Red State

“It’s not enough to be a Repub. I’m a conservative, and I’m a Constitutionalist. Some of you may not be able to vote for me, but we are not at the 11th hour, we are at the midnight hour. I’m going up there to start a fight,” said Carr, referring to what he would do in Washington.

Tennessee GOP Senator Alexander Has Done Nothing to Stop Obamacare

At this critical time in our history, our country needs tough, dedicated fighters for the Constitution who will vigorously oppose the extralegal power grabs of the Obama administration on every front, Lamar Alexander has proven he can’t do that. 

LamarA Takes Shots at Conservatives

Paul Kane, Washington Post

In speeches across TN, Sen. Alexander delivers thinly veiled blasts against conservative advocacy groups such as Heritage Action and the Club for Growth, two of the groups that have set new purity criteria for Repubs and have been funding primary challenges against establishment R's.

Dr. Milton Wolf Challenges Sen. Roberts: Tea Party Challenge To Establishment GOP Senators Growing

Dr. Milton Wolf in Kansas and state Rep. Joe Carr in Tennessee are just the first of many limited government constitutional conservatives who must be recruited, nominated and elected if we are to, as Dr. Wolf put it, “save the Republican Party from itself.”