Tennessee elections

Voting Early but Not Often in Nashville

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Photo IDs are mandatory for all U.S. citizens and foreigners when they get on a plane, among literally dozens of activities, when it comes to voting this requirement is regarded as racist by our supposedly progressive friends. Actually, as with so many "politically correct" assertions, the reverse is true. The implication behind this argument is that minority citizens — unlike the rest of us — are either too stupid or too lazy to obtain either driver's licenses or non-driver identity cards that are available gratis in every state in the union. How insulting and, to be blunt, racist.

Palin: Loss Should Energize Us!

Sarah Palin, Facebook

On her Facebook page, Sarah Palin writes, "Steve energized commonsense conservatives all across the country. Tonight’s New Jersey race was a win for Barack Obama, and the Senate deal in D.C. was a loss for the American people. What happened in D.C. ... reminds us of how hard we must fight in 2014 to return to a government of the people."