BEAT LAMAR to Invite Challengers to Speak at Statewide Candidate Forums

BEAT LAMAR has taken another step toward finding a challenger to Tennessee's establishment Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, who votes the Obama position some 62% of the time and supported S. 744, the Obama -- Rubio amnesty for illegal aliens bill.

Lamar Alexander: Supreme Statist

Daniel Horowitz, Red State

Alexander sure loves big government, and big government’s disciples are loving him back.

EXCLUSIVE: BEAT LAMAR Blasts Alexander for Taking Money From Lobbying Firm That Backs Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Government

BEAT LAMAR is holding Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar Alexander accountable for taking money from employees of a K Street firm that lobbied Congress to buy fighter jets given to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government.

Signs Point To Big Support For A Conservative Challenger To Senator Alexander

A 2013 study by Congressional Quarterly found that Lamar Alexander votes with President Obama 62% of the time, more than any other Republican Senator from the South. No wonder some 76% of Republican primary voters canvassed in Tennessee by the BEAT LAMAR project on Saturday said they want a conservative candidate to challenge incumbent Republican Senator Lamar Alexander in the 2014 Republican primary.

Knock on Doors to BEAT LAMAR: Alexander Likely to Vote YES on Amnesty Bill

Everyone knows that Lamar Alexander’s public stance that he is ‘reviewing’ the 1,000 page Gang of Eight bill is mere pretense. Any principled conservative who reads the details of the bill, which contains numerous crony capitalist handouts, is very expensive, and will not secure the border, would immediately and loudly proclaim his or her opposition to it.

BEAT LAMAR Launches Door to Door Campaign to Defeat Alexander with ‘A Ted Cruz from Tennessee’

Michael Patrick Leahy, co-founder of the BEAT LAMAR project, announced today that the door to door campaign to canvas Republican primary voters to defeat Senator Lamar Alexander will begin this Saturday, June 15, more than one year before the August 2014 primary election.