Terry McAuliffe

Keeping Virginia Purple: Who Lost VA?

Betsy Woodruff, National Review Online

After the wrenching losses this year, Republicans are looking for unity in the Old Dominion.

Liberal Herring's Fishy "Win" in Virginia Stinks of Fraud

While the rest of the country’s 2013 state and local election results were cast and certified a month ago, Virginia voters aren’t able to put the attorney general election to bed. It’s impossible to deny the sharp stench of the latest rehash of the Democrat Party’s favorite dish best served in a suspiciously close race: Voter Fraud a la Franken.

McAuliffe Inaugural Rolling In Coal Cash

Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller

After winning the Virginia governor’s race with the help of environmental groups, Democrat Terry McAuliffe is now taking donations from coal companies to fund his inauguration.

The Real War on Women

Marta H. Mossburg, American Spectator

The success of the false Dem “war on women” trope should make Repubs realize that they are fighting progressives for whom the idea of truth is an outdated relic of a racist, homophobic, misogynist past to be discarded in favor of tactics that allow them to win elections and sway opinion. Repubs.

Big Biz to TeaParty: Outta the Way

Lawrence Delevingne, CNBC

McAuliffe bested tea party-backed Cuccinelli partially because some conservative business donors wouldn't give to the GOP campaign—or even switched sides. The MSM says that biz people are fed up with the "activist wing of the GOP," a trend that'll have broad implications for 2014 midterms.

Billionaire Enviro vs. Cuccinelli

Alexander Burns and Andrew Restuccia, Politico

Tom Steyer is Virginia’s $8 million man. The CA billionaire spent nearly that much to make an example of Repub. Ken Cuccinelli for his arch-conservative views on the environment.

Bitter Bill Bolling is Sunk

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, Virginia Free Citizen

Bill Bolling’s “mainstream” ways and allies helped progressive, big-gov't, scandal-ridden Dem. McAuliffe win here in Virginia. If Bolling sees himself as a political broker, his pariah status among conservatives will taint whomever he backs, and his partners in political sabotage will not escape consequences.

Repubs. In Wake of Cuccinelli & Christie

Sally Zelikovsky, American Thinker

Here's a conservative electoral overview & evisceration of the usual Rove-Rubin GOP estab. talking points: We often let the left define our candidacies to such an extent we are playing defense to their accusations and distractions instead of controlling the narrative ourselves. 

McAuliffe Aims to Protect Gays

Elliot Jager, Newsmax

Virginia Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe said that the first executive order he will sign when he takes office on Jan. 14 will be to protect state employees who are gays, lesbians and transgender people from job discrimination.

Libertarian PAC Denies Dem Plot

Brian Doherty, Reason.com

The exec. director of the Libertarian National Committee and founder of the Libertarian Booster PAC, responds to accusations that his PAC only supported Sarvis's campaign for governor of VA as a tool of moneyed Dem. interests, specifically donor Joe Liemandt.

GOP Donor Class Gave Us McAuliffe

Ben Domenech, The Federalist

Obamacare’s rollout made the difference.  And the Democrats up for re-election next year know it. If only the Repub. donor class had been in the game in Virginia all along, maybe they would’ve known it, too.

Rush: GOP Feared TeaParty Would Get Credit

Jason Howerton, The Blaze

Limbaugh argued that McAuliffe used the Clinton model of running a 3-way race, with a ringer candidate (Sarvis) to siphon off votes from his opponent. "Dems enlisted a “fake Libertarian candidate” who was “paid for by an Obama bundler. More people voted against McAuliffe than voted for him,” Limbaugh explained.

A Prime Example of Why Conservatives Need to Takeover the GOP

You build a political movement from the bottom to the top and you sell conservative policy from your local jurisdictions right up to the White House. Expecting the top of the ticket to pull in the bottom of the ticket in some sort of coat tail effect is a perennial loser’s approach to politics that dooms the Northern Virginia GOP to failure.

Cuccinelli Wasn't Too Conservative

Matt Vespa, Red State

Did Ken Cuccinelli run a bad campaign in failing to fight hard for the issues that have worked in his favor? Did the shift away from the social issues allowe McAuliffe to run with them at will, and define Cuccinelli before he could do so himself?

The Anti-Cuccinelli Axis

Peter Ferrara, American Spectator

Here's how Demts, Repubs, and low information voters combined to defeat a conservative. The roots of Ken Cuccinelli’s 2.5 point loss to ultrapartisan Dem. McAuliffe were planted by Repub. incumbent Gov. Bob McDonnell.

OCare's Affect on VA Guv Race

Erika Johnsen, HotAir

Charles Krauthammer, speaking on the VA giv race, said, "Obamacare single handedly turned what should have been a landslide into a cliffhanger. Cuccinelli was behind by double digits after the shutdown...He decided to gamble it all in the last week attacking Obamacare. 

Shock? 30% of Pro-Lifers Voted Dem.

Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart

An exit poll revealed that 30% of Viriginians who are pro-life voted for Terry McAuliffe. Of those polled, 13% who believe abortion should be “illegal in all cases” voted for McAuliffe.

More Married Women Voted Cuccinelli

Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News

Cuccinelli defeated McAuliffe among married women 51% to 42%, with Sarvis taking 7%. Cuccinelli also defeated McAuliffe among married men, 50% to 44%, with Sarvis taking 6%.

The Establishment Plays for Keeps, We Should Too

Politics in Virginia – and nationally – is now long past the ideas stage and become an all or nothing battle between principled limited government constitutional conservatives and establishment interests bent on retaining power. Unless and until we conservatives gain the same desperate will to win that the McAuliffe campaign and its allies showed in Virginia we are going to be starved for victory.

The Betrayal of Ken Cuccinelli

The betrayal of Ken Cuccinelli by the Republican establishment and many of Virginia’s nominally Republican business community leaders is reflective of the precedent the Republican establishment set in their treatment of Barry Goldwater. When an establishment Republican gains a nomination for office the Republican leadership demands that conservatives close ranks with establishment Republicans and support the nominee. However, when a conservative gains a nomination, establishment Republicans are, without consequence, free to criticize the nominee and to do everything they can to undercut the conservative’s campaign.