Let’s Give Thanks For Leftists Being Themselves

There’s much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving; a world at relative peace, a booming U.S. economy and a President who has worked hard to lift the heavy hand of government from the backs of America’s working families. But let’s not forget to also give thanks for the power of truth, as Democrats, through their own words, slowly disclose who they really are.

A Very Trump Thanksgiving

While few in Washington’s elite salons will offer their thanks for the election of Donald Trump or for his herculean effort during the midterms, we believe among the millions of America’s working families who want nothing more than to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit, and pass on to their children the fruits of their labors, he will be honored this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Amid the Patter of Reindeer Hooves

William Murchison, The American Spectator

The larger intent behind Thanksgiving cries out for wider recognition. The intent is that we should assess, with deliberation, the very real blessings that have come our way since the last Thanksgiving. And that we should then do one of two things: offer satisfied smiles or — such was the hope of our national leaders — give due thanks to God as the author of all genuine blessings.

Adding Some Thanks To Thanksgiving

As we give thanks this Thanksgiving let's recognize that Americans succeeded by conferring greater benefits of value upon one another than any other people in recorded history ever managed to do.

Obama Has It All Wrong: America is a Nation of Pioneers, Not Immigrants

Obama had it all wrong in his Thanksgiving address. The Pilgrims were pioneers – colonizers who undertook a voyage for “the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith, and honor of our king and country.” If today’s immigrants come to America with similar goals to advance Islam -- and there’s plenty of reason to believe that many legal and illegal immigrants from Muslim countries do – then we should certainly not see their arrival as a reason to celebrate, because they represent an existential threat to our way of life.

America is a Nation of Pioneers, Not Immigrants

The establishment media, encouraged none too subtly by President Obama’s announcement that he was unconstitutionally granting amnesty and work permits to millions of illegal aliens, has now decreed that “Thanksgiving is about immigration” and that the Pilgrims were “illegal immigrants.”

Indianapolis Star Bows To Race Hustlers Pulls Anti-Amnesty Cartoon

Going down the path of subjecting every opinion – and fact – to an arbitrary and capricious racial sensitivity test is the end of truth-seeking and honest public debate.

Giving Thanks for Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party

As you gather around your table with your family this Thanksgiving Day we encourage you to include the blessing of principled conservative leaders in your list of the blessings you have received this year, and on the list of those you hope for in the future. Then open your heart to the possibility that YOU or someone at your table might very well be one of those principled conservative leaders you have been praying for.