The Precinct Project

KY GOPers Unnerved By Tea Party Coup

Scott Wartman,

A recent coup attempt by tea partiers to oust the do-nothing GOP-E leaders in Campbell Cty, KY appalled some GOPers and spurred them to start a PAC to oppose such efforts. While the tea party-backed coup didn’t succeed, it unnerved local estab. R's & prompted the creation of the GOP Facts Comm. 

Two Resolutions Conservatives Must Make and Keep in 2014

There are two New Year’s resolutions that every conservative must make and keep in 2014: The first is to do everything, and we do mean everything, humanly possible to defeat amnesty to illegal aliens. The second is to work to make sure every office – including the all-important Republican Precinct Committeeman positions – on the 2014 Republican Primary ballot has a limited government constitutional conservative candidate filed and running a real campaign.