Tim Phillips

Conservatives Come Out Against Ryan’s Border Adjustment Tax

We agree with our conservative friends David McIntosh, Rep. Mark Meadows and Tim Phillips; it’s time to focus on putting together a pro-growth tax reform bill that can pass.

Koch Group President Fires Back at Reid

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips is taking exception to Harry Reid's attacks on the Koch brothers, the conservative group's major benefactors. Phillips attacked Reid for his comments that billionaires Charles and David Koch were "un-American," comparing the attacks to McCarthyism.

Big Business Wants A Divided GOP – You Can Stop Them

Big Business keeps the Republican establishment alive with its tons of money, even though everyone can see that what’s happening in Washington – the spending and the growth of government – is unsustainable. The limited government conservative grassroots must take a stand against it.

Anti-Obamacare Ads Hit Hard

Fredreka Schouten, USA Today

Americans for Prosperity will spend $3.1 million advertising the dangers of Obamacare in six states, said AFP President Tim Phillips.