Time Magazine

TIME's Commie Nag of the Year Can Go Pound Sand

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

We’re all supposed to fall over ourselves over Pippi Longnagging – at least that’s what our betters command – yet it’s unclear why. Teenagers are notoriously ignorant, and ones spewing recycled Marxism are the worst of all. But the idea is not that this tiresome truant is some visionary thinker. The idea is to leverage her youth and awkwardness to keep you from speaking the indisputable truth that she’s a weird brat who presses for an ideology that butchered 100 million people in the last century. And now, she is hinting she wants to run up that score. The kid is a fanatic, and though that’s no fault of her own – she is still spewing bloodstained poison.

Time Magazine's War on King Trump

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

Time found an anonymous Republican congressman to compare the Trump White House to ... al-Qaida. "This is not a coordinated caliphate," he told Time. "This is al-Qaeda, where everyone is their own cell, lobbing Molotov cocktails, firing at will." So Barack Obama blurs with Jesus; Robert Mueller brings to mind a Greek goddess; and Team Trump is like a group of mass-murdering terrorists. This is why you spit when these ink-stained partisans call themselves the "mainstream media."

MSM Lies: TeaParty Did Back Cuccinelli

Mark Levin, MarkLevinShow.com

Time's latest liberal article wants you to believe that conservatives abandoned Ken Cuccinelli. Not true. Tea party activists donated not only their money but their time. The GOP leaders can plant all the stories it wants with its media friends. But it doesn't change the facts.

Viguerie Lauds DOJ Policy Change

Maya Rhodan, Time

Viguerie praised Holder's plan to reduce mandatory minimum sentencing for nonviolent drug-related crimes, even if the change is five years late.