Trey Radel

Curt Clawson Wins in FL19 Special

Heather Wysocki, Marco Island News

CHQ-endorsed Repub. Curt Clawson became Southwest Florida's next U.S. congressman. Clawson received 66.9% of the votes in the District 19 special congressional election, followed by Dem. April Freeman with 29.2%.

Outsider Curt Clawson Is the CHQ Pick In FL-19

Outsider Curt Clawson, a former Purdue University basketball standout and corporate CEO, who is strong on life and is an inspired advocate of a Ronald Reagan – Jack Kemp-style of growth-oriented conservatism is our choice in the FL-19 Special Election. Learn more about Curt Clawson or to volunteer or donate to his campaign HERE.

Politics' Double Standard

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., American Spectator

Did Rep. Trey Radel do the right thing in resigning?

Crowded Field Forming to Succeed Radel

Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

With a solidly GOP seat at stake, many of the freshman's former rivals, and the man he succeeded, are at the top of the list to succeed the congressman following his sudden downfall.

Rep. Trey Radel to Resign

Jake Sherman, Politico

Rep. Trey Radel (R-FL) will resign from Congress over being caught buying cocaine in '13. It’s up to FL Repub. Gov. Rick Scott to schedule a special election for Radel’s seat. His southwest Florida district is solidly red.

Why I’m Standing By Congressman Trey Radel

Unlike the hyper-partisans at the Democratic National Committee and most of the media who have been calling for Congressman Trey Radel’s head, as a resident of Florida and a voter in Congressional District 19, I can vote for or against Trey Radel. As things stand now, despite his conviction and now-acknowledged problems with drugs and alcohol, if Congressman Trey Radel chooses to run for re-election, I plan to vote for him again.

The House, the President and the Constitution on Syria

One House of Congress has spoken loudly and clearly against the President unilaterally involving America in the Syrian civil war – now the big question is, will the House leadership stand-up for the vote of the body it supposedly leads and demand that Obama come to Congress for approval of any "involvement" in Syria?

Conservatives Get NSA, Egypt Votes in DoD Bill

Pete Kasperowicz , The Hill

The House approved a rule for the Defense spending bill that'll allow votes on Syria, Egypt, and NSA spying amendments.

Radel and Massie Forcing the Constitution on Obama and Neo Cons

Two of the limited government constitutional conservative “boat rockers,” Representatives Trey Radel (FL-19) and Tom Massie (KY-4), whom we endorsed in the 2012 primaries are living-up to our expectations and fighting to force the Obama administration back inside the strict limits of the Constitution – especially with regard to Obama’s foolish adventure into the Syrian civil war.