Trick Votes on Obamacare

Stop the OCare Indecision

Jonathan Strong, National Review Online

GOP lawmakers won’t agree on a strategy for defunding Obamacare through the continuing resolution. Boehner's not willing to listen.

House GOP: Reagans or Fords?

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

House GOP leaders' push to use trick votes to weaken OCare makes them look like the Gerald-Ford-estab.-R's that Reagan talked about in '76 as having made of the party a “fraternal order” when it must be “something where people are bound together by a shared philosophy.”

A Real Vote to Defund Obamacare

Amy Payne, Heritage Foundation Blog

Heritage Foundation announced support for a proposal introduced by Rep. Tom Graves and 42 others that will force lawmakers to have a real debate and fully defund Obamacare.

OCare Defunding Alternative Emerges

Emma Dumain, Roll Call

43 Repubs, led by Tom Graves (R-GA), have introduced their own resolution that they think would both cut spending and defund Obamacare better than the GOP leaders' trick votes plan.