Truckers to Shut Down America

Truckers Bring Message to DC

Joe Saunders, Biz Pac Review

When the Truckers Ride for the Constitution protest kicks into gear Friday afternoon on the DC Beltway, the rigs will be delivering a message to the Obama administration that “we’ve had enough,” an organizer said Thursday.

Truckers Make Impact in DC

CBS DC Staff

A convoy of tractor-trailers, the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution,” planning to circle the DC Capital Beltway in protest of the federal gov't, is causing some traffic problems for the morning commute. 

Grassroots Rebellions Taking Over Washington This Weekend

We have said from the beginning of the current federal government “slimdown” that this fight isn’t about the budget or spending – it is about Obama’s demand that the rest of us conform to a law that he, the Washington elite and their cronies will never have to follow. Now the rest of America is beginning to agree and join the fight.