US Aid to Egypt

US Military Aid to Egypt Suspended

Carlo Munoz, The Hill

Obama is indefinitely suspending millions in military hardware and aid to Egypt, in the wake of the interim government's violent crackdown on opponents of the current regime. Economic assistance will continue. 

Can Paul Save Detroit?

Tal Kopan, Politico

Rand Paul suggests taking aid money sent to Egypt and investing that in U.S. infrastructure.

A Foreign Policy for Hypocrites: Washington Should Just Shut Up

The great foreign policy illusion in Washington is that the U.S. government controls international events.  Will U.S. officials never learn? The answer apparently is no.  Just look at Egypt, where American policy combines equal parts hypocrisy and futility. Yet, the administration proclaims that it must continue to hand $1.55 billion annually to the generals in Cairo to preserve its influence.