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Obama’s Treasonous Squandering of American Power

It took sixty-nine years to build America into the world's only superpower; it has taken Obama less than six to flippantly throwaway America’s national influence and unilaterally disarm America through a conscious and treasonous hollowing-out of America’s military capability. Sign and share the petition to impeach Barack Obama.

Report: Obama Admin. At Fault for Benghazi Attacks

Fox News Staff

The Senate released a comprehensive Benghazi attack report, finding the tragedy was “preventable” and the administration failed to respond to “ample” warnings that security was deteriorating beforehand. The report faulted the State and Defense departments. It also cited the failure of Obama to "bring the attackers to justice."

How the Military Wasted Your $

Matthew Gault,

With a $614 billion budget in '13—expected to decline by $62 billion in '14—there’s plenty of opportunity for waste. That means bloat that floats a lot of needless projects. Some are badly managed, others the result of political pork-barrel spending.

DoD: 'White Christian Males Get Unearned Advantages'

Liz Klimas, The Blaze

A military training manual states, "The ‘Healthy, White, Heterosexual, Christian Male Receives Many Unearned Advantages.’" An instructor who's required to teach this says, “It violates Constitutional principles, but it also violates my conscience.”

Hagel: Guard Must Give Same-Sex Benefits

Jeremy Herb, The Hill

The Defense Secretary is prepared “to take further action” if states do not comply.

Furlough Ends for Most DoD Workers

Dion Nissenbaum and Siobhan Hughes Connect, Wall Street Journal

The Pentagon on Sat. said it would call most of its 350,000 furloughed civilian workers back to their jobs, concluding that a recent law allows officials to consider them critical to protecting national security.

Pentagon to Give Same-Sex Benefits

Jeremy Herb, The Hill

The Defense Department will be giving legally married same-sex couples the same federal benefits as heterosexual couples in response to SCOTUS' striking down DOMA.

The Neo Con Folly of “Preemption” Defies the Wisdom of Ronald Reagan

We can’t shoot our way to victory over radical Islam – this is a cultural war – and preemptive strikes and the creation of the all-pervasive surveillance state necessary to make them a success defy the wisdom and the success of the one proven model we have for winning a cultural war; Ronald Reagan’s victory over communism.