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Levin: R's Stabbed Vets in the Back

Right Scoop Staff

The Ryan/Murray budget agreement passed the Senate Weds. 64/35 with 9 Repubs. voting for it. Mark Levin says nothing was done to fix the problem of taking benefits away from our disabled veterans and that while some want to blame the Dems for this, he points out that this bill is a Repub. bill the came out of the House.

Beware of Happy Immigration Talk

Ken McIntyre, Heritage Foundry Blog

“The only way to make sure immigration reform works this time is to address the complicated issues one step at a time,” Boehner stated. But the House and Senate eventually would have to come together. Liberals will reassemble the pieces, throw in more, and try to stuff monstrous amnesty for millions down Americans’ throats.

Tell Speaker Paul Ryan NO AMNESTY!

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Stop Amnesty for Illegal Aliens!