Vacate the Chair

The House Should Proceed to the Motion to Vacate the Chair

Erick Erickson, RedState

John Boehner wants to reauthorize the crony capitalist Export-Import Bank. He wants to pass a bloated transportation bill. He wants to fund Planned Parenthood. In short, Boehner wants to give a big wet kiss to Barack Obama’s agenda on the way out the door when no one can hold him accountable. The only way to stop this is to proceed to the motion to vacate the chair.

Gun Owners of America: Fire Boehner

Our principled conservative friends at GOA have now joined other conservative organizations in urging their members to support the Meadows resolution saying “it’s imperative that you contact your member of Congress right now and tell him or her to vote YES on the Meadows measure (House Resolution 385).” To make it simple to let your Representative know that you want John Boehner removed as Speaker of the House, we urge you to sign our petition to second Rep. Meadows’ motion to vacate the Chair. We will forward it to your Representative on your behalf.