Virginia election

Despicable Anti-Gillespie Ad Backfires After NYC Truck Attack

After an Uzbek Muslim, who apparently entered the United States on a so-called “diversity visa,” ran over and killed at least eight innocent New Yorkers the Latino Victory Fund pulled their sickening ad that featured an Ed Gillespie supporter attempting to run down minority children with a pick-up truck.

Gillespie Gets Pence and CHQ Nod in VA Governor Race

The MAGA agenda is on the line in the Virginia Governor's race, and it is time for conservatives to own the vote. We urge you to talk to your friends, neighbors, family, church members and others in your social circle and ask them to vote for Ed Gillespie for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Hampton poll: Gillespie up by 8%

Jeanine Martin,

The latest poll from Hampton University Center for Public Policy shows Ed Gillespie up by 8%, 41 to 33% with 27% still undecided.  We can expect the majority of those undecided voters to break for Gillespie, and not the Lt Governor incumbent.

Ken Cuccinelli On the Home Stretch

The Virginia conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate talks principles with Hugh Hewitt.

From the Pulpit to the Ticket

Betsy Woodruff, National Review Online

Virginia’s lieutenant-governor candidate (E.W. Jackson) is a fire-and-brimstone preacher.