Who is to Blame for the government shutdown

Estab. R's Blame Cruz on Shutdown

Tim Devaney, Washington Times

McConnell and Graham agreed that R's should've learned from the failed 1995 shutdown and that there are better ways to defund Obamacare than a shutdown. Cruz said the strategy would've worked if GOP senators had stood united with House R's.

Cuccinelli:TMac'd Use Shutdown in VA

Ken Cuccinelli, Fairfax County Times

If you like the way Washington is operating right now, Terry McAuliffe (who WaPo calls a “Washington insider and a Virginia outsider”) has promised to bring those same tactics to Richmond as Governor of VA.

Check Out the Dem. Shutdown Tracker!

Republican Study Committee Staff

Since 9/20, House Repubs have passed numerous bills to keep the gov't funded. Senate Dems have rejected most of these bills, and are refusing to even negotiate with the House. Here is a rundown of the various proposals to fund the government during the shutdown.

More Blame R's for Shutdown

Bethan Owen, Daily Caller

The number of people blaming Obama for a gov't shutdown is up 3% from earlier this month, while fewer are blaming the GOP. 46% say they blame congressional Reps, with 36% blaming Obama and 13% pointing at both.